SHE believes in you...

SHE believes in you...

On point, I’ve had many heavily overweight friends who tried to lose weight.

But most gave up and went back to old habits.

However, by following through on goals and continuing forward despite negative feelings, some of them progressed and thrived.

Can you think of the difference between those who succeed and those who haven’t yet?

  1. Real life social support from friends and family.
  2. Positive support from own personal thoughts.

As Melissa and I discussed self-talk in the gym today, she remembered a time during her body transformation when her own mind turned against her. Her destructive thought went something like this… “gee my workouts suck lately. that guy HAS got to be thinking how I’m just too fat for this.

Be Your Best Ally: Thoughts DO Matter!

If any harmful thought goes “un-checked” in the mind, it will be implicitly accepted as truth by your beliefs.

That means, if you let the thought slide by, it might as well be true because now your brain thinks it is.

Self awareness tip #17: When you feel bad about your body, ask yourself questions that begin with “what?”

  • What is it about this situation that makes me feel the need to be self-conscious?
  • What would it be like, if I could align for a moment and feel overwhelmingly positive thoughts about myself?

Even though it’s not always easy to question your deep seated beliefs, Friend,  the key lies in being open to yourself, thereby guiding you forward in understanding so many more truths.

This new enlightenment will bring the gift of further advancement, if you choose to accept.

Self acceptance: Just one more reason why fitness adds QUALITY YEARS to our lives.

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