Weight loss should be easy!

In fact, weight loss is easy as good choices become habitual.

Fitness is habitual

You’re a busy person, with places to go and people to see. You’ve tried to slim down before, but each time you grew frustrated with the effort costs and lack of results. Pause, for a moment, and focus not on weight loss — but on these 3 Simple Ideas that can improve your life and slim your waist.

Idea #1: Eat Carbs+Protein with Breakfeast, everyday.

Have you ever said, “I don’t have time for breakfeast” or worse, just have a donut and coffee?

Breakfeast accomplishes two things:

  • Refuel you after a long night of sleep
  • Provide energy for the first half of your day

Together, both of the above sends signals to your body allowing you to eat a higher dose of carbohydrates and protein that can actually help you lose weight!

Example breakfeast: Oatmeal (carbs) + Whey (protein). OR… Yogurt (protein) + Berries (carbs).

Idea #2: The (EllisonFitness) Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit, you make me healthy

Versions of the Grapefruit diet have been floating around since the 1930’s. These previous diets mostly consist of very low caloric intake, but I do NOT believe in starving yourself.

Grapefruits are considered a SuperFood based on high vitamins, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, and enzymes that boost digestion and metabolism. Grapefruits are also in Season.

How: Prepare slices of grapefruit in the morning, and consume 1/3 grapefruit Before each meal.

Since grapefruit prepares you for digestion and contains dietary fiber, you may be compelled to eat less food in your meals because you will be easier satisfied. This, of course, is in addition to all of the metabolism boosting health effects of Grapefruit.

Eat on!

Idea #3: Walk, Talk, and Enjoy it a Lot. Or Take a Hike!

Fall in Ravenna Park, Seattle

Enjoy the seasons, wear warm clothes, and go for a stroll in the park with friends. This type of exercise not only burns calories, but also puts you in a more balanced mood — allowing for better weight loss progress. We know that a positive social support system is Essential for healthy weight loss.

Feel free to run up the paths, explore new areas of the city. Or better yet, go hiking! Since Hiking requires long endurance, your body can better utilize Body Fat as a source of energy — more than jogging! This means you burn more fat, and keep more lean muscle!

Any additional walking will make slimming down just that much easier!

Simple tips, not miracles.

Weight loss is a process that happens over time. It requires a combination of Healthy Food, Physical Activity, and a Positive Social Support System. Add more activities that include these three pillars of health, and you will be closer to the slim waist of your dreams!

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