Some internal bacteria “help” you hold on to body fat.

Researchers have implanted mice with human intestinal microbes — both from average weight people and overweight people. The results are remarkable…

"Pro-Biotics"Probiotics are getting even more attention for Weight Loss! Overweight people have a higher type of bacteria that actually makes them gain more fat. But, How can Probiotics help us Burn Fat?

Two families of bacteria studied

1. Firmicutes

  • “Bad” bacteria
  • Responsible for excess body fat retention
  • Do not provide host with as many vitamins and minerals

2. Bacteroidetes

  • “Good” bacteria for weight loss
  • Promotes lower body fat levels
  • Generates essential vitamins and minerals for health of host

Probiotic foods for weight loss CONFIRMED

Healthy internal bacteria has been known to promote healthy digestion, immune strength, clear skin, anti-inflammatory, and the list goes on. Now we know that the balance of human flora is also closely related to Weight Loss.

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