You may have seen my body in many different manifestations.

I went from being chubby in high school, to the skinny long distance runner as a Freshman in college, into a bulky fellow, and finally into the lean guy with nice legs who you know and love.

The human body is never the same as it was yesterday — we are constantly in flux.

A perfect physique is finite and can only exist for a period of time. A muscular body can be taken away from you at any time — whether illness or accident.

Therefore, if confidence is directly linked to your physical body, then self worth becomes as fragile as thin ice.

Take responsibility for your own success

At 20 years old, I was a skinny kid who drank way too much beer and just started lifting weights with no success.

But, by learning from mistakes, researching exercise physiology, and dedication to my goals, I gained twenty pounds of solid muscle. Not a small feat — ask any skinny guy you know.

The result of my work was visible to all man, woman, and child who placed their gaze upon my muscular physique.

Where does the confidence really come from?

The real power of fitness is that it can change your entire life.

  • Setting goals, and achieving them
  • Self awareness and self control
  • Progressively attaining personalized strength and fitness
  • Mind-body connection

The lessons you learn from the weight room, or cross country running, or playing sports will cross over into other areas of your life. Success breeds success.

Because of dedication, we realize that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

THAT, my friends, is real confidence. Even if I lose all of my muscle tomorrow, I will still have the invaluable experiences that make me the person I am today. Those experiences — in which I applied my energy towards a goal — give me confidence in every other aspect of my life: personal and professional.

My physical attractiveness will eventually wear off as I age. But I will still be a happy person because I bring confidence to relationships and hold an ambition for mastery in my deepest of passions (fitness is one).

Nothing is insurmountable. If you really want those six pack abs, set a small goal TODAY. Consume one more type vegetable or purchase an Omega-3 supplement.

An investment in your body is equally an investment in your soul.

Enrich your life.

Stay tuned for more…

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