Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

9.5/10 Rating

I bought coconut oil for the first time, and the excitement of uncovering this aromatic treasure glows warmly still today.

That was a year ago.

Now, I open each bottle to reveal tropical coconut sensations, which are empowered by nasal vitality. It smells of coconut heaven, yet the power of coconuts makes their remarkable pleasure only seem ethereal.

Then for the taste test…

I may be compelling in the language of nutrition, but this looks toward the spoon I must grab first. Since the oil remains solid at room temperature, the spoon glides through a coconut journey with my rendezvous location being mouth de l’André.

How to Use Coconut Oil Benefits:

  • For the Skin and Hair, topical use.
  • Eaten and consumed, for nutrient rich coconut oil.

As an active person, I find coconut oil to be a great source of energy that keeps me lean and feeling good. The good saturated fat, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), found in coconut oil is a powerhouse!

Some people love the thermogenic, or fat burning, quality of coconut oil. Others enjoy a healthy and detoxified system after using coconut oil.

  1. Replace butter with superior coconut oil and cook your favorite meals!
  2. In a glass, melt the coconut oil into warm water and enjoy in weight loss shake or smoothie.
  3. On top of steamy vegetables for luscious flavor.

With so many options, coconut oil takes the prize as a detoxifying, soothing, and empowering experience.

Start out with a teaspoon of coconut oil and move up to a tablespoon once your body welcomes more.

The ‘money-spot’ is about One Tablespoon per serving.

May the coconut be with you.

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