Daily Roundup

1. Got a fat butt? Could be a good thing.

  • Fat distribution is important for your health.
  • Hip and Thigh fat can reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Stomach fat, on the other hand, releases harmful cytokines that increase risk of heart attack and diabetes.


2. Smokers should drink Green Tea

  • Study indicates non-green tea drinking smokers have 13 times GREATER chance of developing lung cancer.
  • Drink one or more cups per day AND
  • Quit smoking.


3. The Swine Flu vaccine is waiting on you.

  • The flu shot is widely available, but you don’t want it do you?
  • Government is highly encouraging you to get a vaccine.
  • But H1N1 outbreaks continue to decrease
  • Is the worst already over?

4. Exercise keeps grandpa’s brain sharp

There is a stage before dementia that involves reduced cognitive capacity, exercise can prevent this.

  • Greater blood flow to brain
  • Nerve-protecting compounds
  • Improved development and survival of neurons
  • Decreased risk of heart and blood vessel disease
  • Go exercise, helps grandpa, helps you too.


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