Obesity rates in US leveling off, still epidemic

Within the last few years, the rate of overweight Americans seems to have remained steady. Despite that, the leadership still says that the obesity epidemic is serious and needs to be dealt with.

Seduced by fattening, media-hyped, processed food

Another frightening statistic involves the already obese. For boys under 18, the already obese are getting even more obese. With the fattening foods so prevelant, once the cycle begins its difficult to stop. What will happen when these kids reach 30 years old? Diabetes, heart disease, inflammation!! YIKES!

We’re all in this together

One way of looking at it is that our tax money pays for obese people’s health issues.

Yet, I believe the reason we’re all in this together is because we share the same food system. We are exposed to the same juicy media advertisements and greasy temptations of fast food as we drive by.

Research shows, time and time again, if your friends are fat then you are more likely to be fat. We have to be good influences on each other.

Even though I am slim and in shape, I must be constantly be non-judgmental about the weight of others. We cannot spend time on the defensive, because we have to move forward. We have to lose the weight to regain our health, wealth and sense of self.

Support the whole food industry. Avoid processed foods, say no to fast food. Focus on the real deal: fruits, vegetables, legumes, and healthy influence from friends like me.

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