Leaving the house on an empty stomach can ruin a day of dieting.

A regular customer visited the store today with the full intention of heading to the gym afterward. But he didn’t eat breakfeast…

There he was, before 11AM, minutes prior to our opening hours, feeling hungry. The Popeye’s restaurant next door produces a fried, oily smell that travels from Walmart to Les Schuab.

So he went over to Popeye’s and stuffed himself with fried chicken gizzards.

To successfully lose weight, you must eat.

There are some foods that even if you tried to gain weight, you would be unable. Leafy green vegetables are notorious for boosting health, preventing disease, and filling you up without hardly any calories at all.

In our urban jungle, you cannot trust the food sources. Restaurants are the guiltiest perpetrators since they rely on taste and not health.

Eat breakfeast in the morning, have fruit for snack before you leave the house. Do what you have to do, but DO NOT let yourself get on an empty stomach — that is when the worst decisions are made.

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