The Holiday season is just about done…

And you may be noticing the consequences of imbibing holiday booze with all those potatoes.

Oh many potatoes.

I’m with you, man.

So you can do it alone or we can do it together.

Let’s turn up the furnace.

Santa has his own Christmas wishes...

Lets light the fire in the metabolic sense.

We want to burn off the fat you gained over the holidays because over time fat will accumulate and cause more trouble down the line.

Maybe you want to look good too, and that’s fine.

So here’s some quick TIPS for Weight Loss after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Years.

Quick Fat Loss Tip #1: Throw out the Junk food, literally just WASTE IT!

I want you to waste your food! Just the really bad stuff.

If you have any leftover pies, ice cream, and egg nogg, go ahead and throw it down the garbage disposal.

Wasting junk food helps us lose. Lose weight.

You don’t need it. Wasting food can be good because these are empty calories. They’ll do more harm than good.

Savor your last bites, and throw the rest away. Do it now.

Quick Fat Loss Tip #2: Up the Protein

It’s almost guaranteed that your muscles are filled to the max with muscular stores of glycogen from carbohydrate consumption. In other words, if you consume more carbs, it will probably only be added as bodyfat and you don’t want that.

Note to self, do not google woman eating meat ever again.

There are quite a few benefits of protein when it comes to burning fat:

  • Essential feel-good amino acids so you don’t feel like eating more junk
  • Low glycemic index, so it won’t cause a spike in blood sugar
  • Fulfilling and filling, so you don’t keep eating
  • Acts as building blocks of muscle, meaning you could potentially increase glycogen capacity and therefore can handle carbs better.

Lean proteins like chicken, fish, turkey, cottage cheese, eggs, and whey will help you burn fat into the New Year.

Quick Fat Loss Tip #3: Sleep it off

Research shows that people who get less than five hours of sleep will gain more fat than those who get seven hours of sleep or more.

Aim for eight hours a night. Don’t eat within an hour or two before bed.

Sweet dreams.

Sleepin' for the Metabolisms

Quick Fat Loss Tip #4: Boost Fat-Burning by Drinking Water

Drink water. And lots of it.

While excessive quantities are not indicated, most people who struggle to lose weight are not drinking enough water.

Just keep sipping on water throughout the day.

If you are hungry, drink water first. Then eat.

Drink water within 15 minutes of waking up.

Life-giving and soothing too.

The fat sure is going to be upset when you start burning it all off by drinking more water.

Quick Fat Loss Tip #5: Fish Oil and Vitamin D

These essential nutrients are quite deficient in the average person.

Without enough Vitamin D, you may feel depressed during the cold season. Thats no good.

Meanwhile, Fish Oil helps your body deal with carbohydrates in an appropriate manner, among a plethora of other benefits.

Fish Oil also keeps skin well hydrated, while D wards off depression

Aside from fat loss, the key point here is that you’ll FEEL better.

Go Forth, you crazy Metabolic Fat burning Machine!!

These simple tips can make a world of difference for both Fat Loss and Wellbeing.

If you’re down to put in a little effort, choose just one or two of these tips to incorporate as part of your lifestyle.

No need to make a complete life change overnight.

Drink to Fat Loss

Just be you, and be you better.

Best to all.

BONUS Tip: Make it a Green Tea day

Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and other components that support healthy fat loss. I think the tea tastes great unsweetened and can noticeably improve wellbeing in drinkers.

With Green Tea and water, you’ll really be flushing your cells of fat and toxins.

This cute Chinese girl appreciates your newly-bound 6 pack.

Cleanse your body, cleanse your soul.


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