Maximal Effort Lifting for Fat Loss Benefits

When are people going to realize the flaws of excessive cardio? I prefer to maximize my efforts.

Lifting heavy objects is good for man, woman, child. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Strength and balance are relevant for everybody.

Heavy Lifting Promotes Anabolic Response

Anabolism is construction — the growth of cells in the body. Consider that Weight Lifting promotes a beneficial response in multiple systems. Upward growth, anabolism, enhances circulation, muscle tone, and central nervous system development.

Worked 100 years ago, and today.

Both men and women receive beneficial hormone responses following weight training. Growth hormone promotes healthy normal function of vital organs and structures in the body.

You may not burn much fat during weight lifting. The majority of fat loss occurs in the hours and DAYS following a weight training session. Heavy weight lifting forces the body to adapt, to build, to construct.

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