Injuries by athletes can be brutal or minor…

Think about the knee for example, you know someone with the dreaded ACL tear. Usually they were playing soccer or football and it just snapped. You fell to the ground in agony and the game paused until you whimpered off the field.

Injuries are a horrifying occurrence during any moment. The bad part about injuries is that it reduces your ability for a period of time, or worse — you may never regain the stability you once had.

Keys to Injury Prevention

During intense sessions of strength and conditioning, the risk for injury is present. Almost any untrained individual (read: average person) would risk serious injury during intense training. Smart athletes must condition to generate force through a superior range of motion. They will be present when called upon to dominate in their way of life.

1. Warm up before activity.

Don’t try going from 0 to 100 miles per hour in ten seconds on a residential street. That’s just asking for disaster. Unless you are me.

Like everything in life, it’s best to get warmed up before you get to the really good stuff. While weight conditioning can bring you toward climactic personal achievements, the gradual movement before exercise is key to a big bang.

2. Stay hydrated

I like caffeine pre-workout and I do intend to maintain proper fluid balance.

With an electrolyte formula like 40,000 Volts mineral drops, my muscles can continue to fire and activate optimally. Dehydration confuses and weakens muscular force potential. If attempt to generate force while dehydrated, you’ll lose your balance easier and risk tearing soft tissue at whatever joint.

Drink water often.

3. Own Inflammation with Diet

Think about as your breathe right now. Why do you do it? To an extent, we can consciously control it but it comes natural because we need the oxygen. With all this oxygen, every single breathing animal must deal with oxidative stress on a daily basis.

To compare oxidation to someone in daily life, imagine an old rusty vehicle. The rust is the oxidation. This rusting or damaging process will occur in every person but can be put into healthy balance by consuming an anti-inflammatory diet.

Antioxidants protect the body’s systems from being damaged by oxygen-related chemical reactions in the cells. By eating fruits and vegetables, you will get a healthy supply of antioxidants.

I eat a ton of sweet cherries to help recover my muscles and keep my joints healthy. The tart cherry antioxidants are one of the best sources of anti-inflammatory support for the body.

You could write an entire library on food and physical degeneration. There’s only one real secret.

Consume foods and herbs with a wide range of colors and natural pigmentation. For example, Salmon (pink astaxanthin) with Turmeric spice (orange curcumonoids), red cabbage (purple betalains), kale (green chlorophyll and carotenoids) and avocado (liver protector glutathione).

Dinner is served

More on this topic later…

And more, stay tuned.

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