HIIT is — this year — the number one fitness trend

Exposure to the concept of High Intensity Interval Training has become widespread through journals, magazines, and programs all over the place!

An example of a person who utilizes fast energy

An example of a person who utilizes fast energy

The reason is simple, and we’ll get to that…

1. Body composition

The most valuable measure of overall health and fitness relates to Body Composition. We should consider the internal elements as promoting vitality — in a way that reinforces key structures and anabolic processes for both men and women.

HIIT promotes a lean body type to support key muscular structures.

2. Value of time spent

High intensity requires fast energy.

By developing an efficient use of fast energy, the result is a cascade of beneficial hormone release throughout the system. Hormone regulation allows the body to persist in a desired state– allowing vitality and clarity of thought.

3. Seek wellness feeling

Sure, I could go on and on about the technical stuff… hormones and neural connections, nutrient interaction, process and storage…

The reality is that you need to feel well. Seek that wellness feeling. Exercise utilizing high intensity interval training gets better results.

IF you follow those steps, Fat burn becomes a brilliant process

For the more curious, learn about the hormone Adiponectin– as the amount in your body relates strongly to the oxidization of body fat.

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