Hips are key to a lifetime of movement and mobility

Bottom. Backside. Glutes.

Center of the action

Center of the action

This article is all about the posterior chain. Hips to the ankles. The development of your rear down. 

Glute activation

Lying on your back, hips into the air.

That’s something you could do everyday to enhance the benefits of squatting.


Getting stronger here will help you become more powerful getting out of the bottom of a heavy squat.

Women should aim for a 40+ lbs db

Women should aim for a 40+ lbs db

The muscle fibers are stimulated and the resulting glute hypertrophy will be noticed by your snapchat followers.

Progression: must become stronger or more efficient in measures of fitness

Here is some situation:

A woman exerciser has been using the same 25 lb dumbbells for  every time she worked out squats. That booty gonna stay that way. If they are okay with it then fine.

It’s important to realize that the best glutes come from being subjected to progressively heavy forces throughout a range of motion.

Here are a few tips for progression:

1. Tempo: If you have no choice but to use the same weight as last time, then you can use tempo for progression. For each rep, lower yourself down slowly for a count of three seconds, then squat up as fast as you can. Do as many reps as you can in a minute.

2. Plyometric: Again, if you have no choice but to use the same weight as last time, now try jumping with it.

Weighted plyometric

Weighted plyometric

3. Different squat variation: no need to always do two legged squats. Variation helps with progression by getting stronger throughout more diverse range of motion.

4. Go heavier. That simple, go heavier than you’ve ever gone before. Aim for personal bests often.

5. Do more. Sometimes you can’t go heavier. Then do more, either do more reps or more sets or some way of increasing volume over last time.

You recover well by eating well and resting. Then You Go Enjoy your GAINS!

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