Think about the last time you ate a bunch of stuff that you probably shouldn’t have.

Now is it better to spend time hating on yourself for feeling like a piglet or is it better to have some self care and continue forward?


Everybody makes mistakes.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel bad about eating large quantities of junk. You should feel bad, that junk food will make you sick and die sooner even if you think you are a relatively healthy person.

What I’m saying is that you should allow yourself forgiveness first, and THEN allow yourself to fully experience all of the emotions brought on by eating poorly or binge eating.

Ask yourself why.

What is it that led you to eating that food in the first place? Maybe it’s stress, bad habits, availability, lack of discipline, or that deep down you don’t really care about yourself enough. Seek the underlying cause.

Look deep inside of you and ask all of the questions. The reason for forgiving yourself is so that you can be non-judgmental when figuring out truly why you do the things you do.

Fitness is a lifelong journey.

Instead of thinking that you have to change your life completely (be all or nothing), perhaps you should just take one more step TODAY that brings your closer to your ideal self.

Today, just do one more positive thing for yourself and then count it as a success. All of the little successes add up to so much more. By having success, you will believe in yourself and maybe one day you will completely eliminate the root causes of your binges.

Try to stay positive, but allow yourself to feel whatever emotions there are.

Pain, sadness, etc can be motivating. Just make sure to forgive yourself so that you don’t allow emotions to become damaging. Don’t run away from it like using substances or more food to escape. Let the emotions go through you, knowing that you are more than that. Then carry on.

You. Got. This!

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