Why you Shouldn’t Use the Leg Press 45 degree weight-loaded Sled machine at the gym

Squats vs Leg Press

Even though the leg press machine can be used with good effect, some people just take it too far.


This is the most hated guy in the gym right now. Of course we aren’t going to take the time to body shame him because that’s not nice even though we do notice that it wouldn’t be impossible for him to take in many simple carbs and alcohol.

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Nice Assets! The Workout for Perfect Glutes, Butt, Thighs, and Quads

Attaining a toned, sculpted backside and lower body is more than just a quad workout.

True Sign of Fitness: Glute Strength

If you really want that elusive lower body fitness — the kind of strength that turns heads — then you should focus on the glutes.

Glutes are more than likely the most powerful muscle on the human body. They are at the center of balance, the key to healthy joints, and a very fine piece of…asset to obtain.

Do you want sculpted thighs?

A backside that makes Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt jealous?

Have you seen the movie, “New Moon” and want your own new moon?

Then follow this video for tips that you can start using, today, for a better lower body.

(Note: Adjust weight to your own strength levels — if novice, then use bodyweight only)

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