Cue CrossFit Seattle: Grand Opening 2017 Pioneer Square Fat Loss Workout

Cue CrossFit opens new CrossFit location by Century Link field in Seattle.

If you live or work in Pioneer Square, near Sodo, or the International District in Seattle, you now have a new option for high intensity workouts. Cue CrossFit just opened and of course Dre Fitness had to be there since we just love events that are fitness related.


Cue CrossFit Seattle Grand Opening which is by CenturyLink field.

You can meet a lot of good people and strengthen friendships with existing people.

I love going to fitness events because I get to hang out — doing healthy activities — with friends, professional contacts, and with people I’ve never met before.

Fitness is about community.

When it comes down to it, as long as the workout is high enough intensity and safe, it really doesn’t matter what style of workout it is. Ultimately, group fitness gyms like CrossFit, Orangetheory, or growing gyms like Accelerate Seattle are all about community. We workout together, sweat together, and through the process, we become stronger together.

gobletsquatsboxjumpWODatCueCrossfit (2)

Cue CrossFit Seattle WOD with my friends Brandon H., Brandon S, Katie, and more. Goblet Kettlebell Squats.

You can come up with new exercises or new ways to program an exercise, but ultimately if you’re not squatting, you’re just not allotting your time well. All good fitness programs will prescribe squats for you. All good fitness programs will work your muscles with exercises that promote strength and muscular balance. All good fitness programs will be prescribed by legitimate, motivational coaches.

Building community in Seattle.

People often ask me if I will ever make the leap to be the owner of my own gym. While I respect those who take the risk to open their own gyms, at this point I am going for the blogger, vlogger, and influencer route. I realize that there is only one of me and that I can produce content that is useful to many people as long as I stay dedicated and authentic to myself and my followers.


I teased Brandon S. during the video only because I have great respect for his work!

Fitness is about more than a brand name.

Even though competition can be ruthless in the fitness industry, it is still an industry that is highly rewarding. I have more and more friends who are passionate about fitness but are stuck in office jobs that they simply have no love for. For that reason, I feel blessed to be part of a fitness lifestyle in which I can fully support myself here in Seattle and Capitol Hill to be specific.


Fitness is love, need I say more?

Train hard, and use nutrition to recover your body.

Regardless of the workout, it’s all about nutrition and sleep in order to promote recovery. Excuse my language, but any jackass can go and do a hard workout. However, the person who eats wild Alaskan salmon with kale and avocado will have FARRRR superior results than the person who goes and drinks their gains away with alcohol and Dick’s burgers. It’s been my experience that people who eat Dick’s end up smelling like Dick’s too.


Darsenio can jump this high. Thanks to nutrition!

Antioxidants, protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, probiotics, and other nutrients are 100% crucial to all fitness, athletic, bodybuilding, and health related goals. If you care for yourself, eat your damn vegetables!

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Thanks for reading. Even though we’re in the early process of launching our YouTube, I guarantee we will have growth. I have too much passion for the fitness and too many friends who are willing to help out that it will be impossible to fail. All we have to do is stay consistent and get the message out there.


It’s all about who you know, anyway.

How can I give you value? Reach out to me for inquiries, comments, or suggestions. Once again, thank you so much for reading!

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Two reasons why Orangetheory Fitness Seattle is so addictive

Have you been to Orangetheory Fitness in Capitol Hill already?

If you have, you either love it or you love to hate it (because you know the high intensity workout is good for you). From a trainer perspective, here are the top two reasons why I find OTF 60 minute workout to be so addictive.

1. Results… plain and simple

The combination of strength and cardio, along with heart rate monitored workouts, music, and a motivating trainer have already helped hundreds of people in Seattle burn fat and get leaner. I truly enjoy noticing my body feeling leaner even after only three workouts. In our first two months of operating, we had men and women lose between 15-30 lbs in six weeks.

Take action

Take action


Not only do I enjoy my own personal results from the workouts, I also love noticing our members get leaner and leaner. Usually you notice the fat loss in your face around the neck and the chin — the fat melts away and I see people gaining so much confidence.

2. The feeling afterwards

Being part of a positive fitness-minded community is something everybody should experience for over-all health. That’s not main reason I keep coming back though… I can’t get enough of the “post-workout HIGH” when my body is in recovery mode after working out for 54 minutes. After the 1 hour workout, which is the ideal amount of time for exercise, I can feel my body releasing those recovery hormones and putting me into a better state of mind regardless of what happened earlier in my day.

Not a typical class!

Not a typical class!

Mentally, the workout is the best mood adjuster available. Physically, the workout gives me a great high that ultimately leaves me energized and looking forward to the next.

I am addicted to OTF most of all because it is something special

Kyle Anderson began the launch of OTF Seattle about a year ago and I came on board around the same time. Without a doubt, our small, modest staff has the most family culture out of any group I’ve worked with. We truly are brothers and sisters around here and we invite members to be the same. So why not kick ass in the workout and let that positive action spill over to the other areas of your life.

Arnie knows

Arnie knows

Whether fitness, fat loss, overall health… OTF took me away from the idea of individual training and has shown me how group training is the future of fitness. Push on — get in the Orange!



Orangetheory Seattle

On Being OrangeMan in Seattle

Orangeman is highly visible on overcast Seattle days.

In the Orange Spandex Morphsuit, the wearers take on a new orange identity.

Selfshot Orange People

Selfshot Orange People

Seeing people’s reactions is always entertaining

People cannot help but notice an orange body moving around. The situation seems to blend a taste of objectification along with hero worshiping.  Real connections are made.

What does Orangeman represent?

Each Orangeman brings his or her unique talents to the crew. I believe Orangeman is a leader, has vision, and looks to respect others. Orangeman connects over fitness, the body, and that which is related to our healthy physical and emotional living.