What is the REAL cost of soda?

Even though you can buy a soft drink for under a dollar, the TRUE COST is greater than you would imagine.

Research has shown that people lose weight simply by cutting back on soft drinks. Now, experts are urging the government to pass a national sales tax on Soft Drinks in order to sway your decicion at the cash register.

Soft drink: 99 cents

Coke makes you chubby, have to hire personal trainer: 35/hr

Years of soft drinks make you diabetic: THOUSANDS on medical costs, and at risk for more disease.

Drinking coke makes you LOSE your CENTS!

The latest proposal in Thursday’s issue of the medical journal calls for a 1-cent-per-ounce sales tax, an amount more than double the average state tax. It would increase the levy on that $1 soda can to 12 cents.

But the Feds are slow to act…

“That’s what happened with tobacco. The states were on it long before there was federal action,” he said.

Proggresive states must pioneer these relatively unpopular fixes, in order to see real results in the future. Making these changes now could lead to reduced medical costs, and even more importantly, a greater quality of life for all.


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