Fitness has been my passion for half a decade, inspiring mind-body connection for personal growth and strength from within.

Experience by W.I.T.S.

Experience by W.I.T.S.

I recently began classes for the only certification program of its kind based out of local colleges and involving practical experience from a comprehensive internship. My instructor, Eric, offers over 16 years of fitness industry experience and I find his natural health values inspiring. I already see myself referring people to him in the future for his creative ways of inspiring fitness through dance.

All green trainers need a legitimate certification to really advance as a Personal Trainer.

Some certifications only require a mere study guide and a $400 multiple choice exam. How well will that prepare someone to trust your life in their hands?

I do believe book knowledge is important, but I know that the value of the individual is based on experience and skills as well. Thats why I will learn, hands-on, in the WITS certification program through Seattle Central Community College.

The value of W.I.T.S. is revealed by bringing together individuals from the community for common, yet creatively unique approaches.

Once I complete this course, I will have grown my knowledge and experience in exercise physiology and kinesiology, fitness assessment, and ability to customize individual programs through safe demonstrations of form by understanding flexibility and AHA cardiovascular recommendations.

Even though my Saturday’s are currently packed with 12 hours of work, business, and education, my passion continues to light the way. Oh yea, and all natural oatmeal gives me lots of energy too.

I manifest ability to learn and communicate as well as passion for fitness into the dream that I thrive to live.

By age 25, I will have helped Americans BURN OVER A THOUSAND POUNDS of FAT, while opening opportunities for quality of life that they never knew existed.

Stay tuned for more…

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