What is it that drives so many into the pursuit of physique ideals?

You’ve been there — walking on the street as someone catches your eye. Maybe it’s their style, but you notice something so dynamic about the way that physique glides through the air. Your body rewards you with a certain feeling inside, and you consider whether or not you stack up to that person.

No matter what, some people of particular sizes and shapes will consistently attract more attention and status.

The ideal male body image: Symmetrical and athletic, with legs sculpted by Michelangelo.

A piece of art

A piece of art

Let’s face it, Most guys would prefer to have a toned physique — not too much muscle — just with the right proportions. So WHY aren’t most guys Fit like David?

Increased muscle is an evolutionary signal for good genetics, resourcefulness, and high Testosterone levels.

For men, the really attractive traits are the most costly to develop. But the attainment of muscle is much different than Gucci clothes and a legit Rolex.

Muscle is costly from a resource, genetic and metabolic perspective:

  • The ultimate limit of muscle is largely determined by good Genetics.
  • Heavy body weight, comprised mostly of lean muscle, requires significantly greater calories and nutrients Every Single Day.
  • Spending time in the gym relates to opportunity costs.

Yet, every day I see a new kid in the weight room. He’s well intentioned, but for the most part clueless about how much effort it takes to gain 20 pounds of muscle.

Does the media create unrealistic expectations of men?

Probably. But lets get one thing clear: Muscle is possible for nearly every healthy guy — the ONLY people who fail to gain muscle are those who stop trying.

Muscle is costly, and therefore it is valuable. Increased status and attractiveness also benefit muscular guys through career, personal life, and overall wellbeing. Becoming fit is an investment that increases your ultimate winnings.

Why people seek muscle:

  • Improved athletic performance for sport
  • Some professions require a larger build
  • Confidence booster
  • Feeling comfortable in own body
  • Status boost in interpersonal communication
  • Because it’s manly

Type of people that actually reach their ideal physique:

  1. Are you able to push past your comfort zone to find more efficient ways to reach goals?
  2. Do you take an interest in researching healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits?
  3. Have you dropped expectations of transforming your body overnight?
  4. Eating healthy 90% of the time — is this possible for you?
  5. Will you continue reading this Blog?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you are well on your way to developing a respectable physique.

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