Fat loss and fitness secrets: Manifest the coach in all of us

To accomplish anything worth accomplishing, you have got to have the right attitude

Back in college, I recall doing an internship at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Seattle headquarters and my mentor would often mention her coach. This coach, of course we’re not talking about luxury brands here (but that’s alright too), was delivering professional services to help with motivation and overall career success.


The many different faces of coaching

When I used to think about coaches, I would think about the middle age guy who had a son on the baseball team and was the person who took us through drills and practice. Now I realize that coaching is so much more than that. We have the opportunity to coach other people in all aspects of life.

You're about to get coached

You’re about to get coached

The practice of self-coaching and taking action today

Unhappiness and disappointment seems to have a way of creeping into our bodies… if we let it. At some point, maybe you realize that thinking about your problems isn’t worth the time when you could be doing something. You could be steaming some broccoli and even that is small step towards wellness.

Coach others by unlocking the power and confidence that resides within us all

It’s not about telling you what to do…  it is about bringing new perspective and making people excited about their potential. I realized that when you are coaching yourself, then you will be able to coach others. You will be able to coach upwards, to your clients, to your peers, and to your subordinates by listening and reflecting a side of this person that they have yet to realize.



What a gift it is to somebody when they feel that motivation deep inside, that they have the opportunity to make action, and that their new perspectives are the catalyst for success in any particular realm.

Your presence can be a gift to others

I acknowledge my own challenges. If I want to be accepted by others, then I should practice unconditional acceptance of others. To coach others, coach myself. To love others, to love myself. And so on…

The best coaches know themselves well. Their self-awareness is practiced, their philosophies tested, and they put in the work.

All great coaches started somewhere. If you want other people to be able to feel like they can be their best selves, then take a moment each day to coach yourself to be your best self.


Power of the Mind

Core values for Fitness, Health, and Training

In the absence or presence of any experience, your core values will always be there.

I believe it is the core value of a person who is able to push forward under pain and stress.

It is the core value of a person to realize the truth of failure and then ascend to even greater heights.

It is the core value of a person to commit to their goals and hold themselves accountable.

For strength trainers, the core value manifests physically

You feel more powerful as the body realizes greater potential. The changes can be found in the tendons, ligaments, muscular elements, mineralization of bone, endocrine efficiency improvements, and energy systems adaptation. There is little vanity in seeking to become a better version of yourself.

Workouts can be fun!!

“ya I’m feeling good ’bout myself”

Lessons learned from intense training should carryover to mental toughness

We push ourselves in the gym not because we are afraid of the outcome, but because we embrace it. Either move forward or start dying because I don’t want to live a life without meaning. Intensity later balanced by harmony and back to intensity.

Raw strength has been valuable in nearly all cultures throughout time. As you become capable of performing heavy work through multiple planes of motion, you gain strength both inner and outer.

The struggles of life are best faced with strong core values, because no matter the outcome you strive to rise above it.


Power of the Mind

Lifting weights for aesthetics and strength

Strength, aesthetics, and overall improvement of quality of life.

That’s what a lot of gym goers are seeking.

The benefits of strength has been explored many times, but I’ll just say that it feels good to stronger.

He looks alright

He looks alright

We are going to talk about aesthetics. This is a complicated subject because everyone has these perceptions:

  • What do I think about my body?
  • What do I think that other people think about my body?
  • What do people actually think about my body?

What are the characteristics of an aesthetic physique?

It’s well known that men would prefer to have greater mass overall, whereas women say they would rather be attracted to a man with a slimmer more athletic physique. My overarching theme here is that first and foremost you should lift weights for whatever reasons you want to, and pursue goals relentlessly.

This, however, is a topic about aesthetics, so if you are interested read on.

Aesthetic physiques typically:

  • Fit, athletic, good muscle tone
  • Balanced, symmetrical
  • Move with ease, flexible yet strong, poise of a Greek God.
  • Healthy skin tone (from fruits/vegetables and sun exposure)
  • Look as if they are able to perform functionally (mass monsters need not apply)

So it seems like aesthetics are the underlying factors of physical attractiveness. It’s about looks, yet it’s about what it looks like that aesthetic person is capable of. It’s about what it looks like that person has in terms of personality traits and confidence.

If you had the body of a Greek God, wouldn’t you find confidence in those accomplishments.

How to Train for Aesthetics

Now I could tell you to squat, deadlift, and bench press and then see what happens. Some people will turn out great, while others will have obvious weak points that detract from their physique. In other words, everyone is built differently and requires unique modifications to their training based on limb length, torso size, prior injuries, etc.

And yet, I will still tell you to Deadlift, Squat, and Bench Press because this will help to build AND measure your overall strength. Some people hardly deadlift, except to see where their strength levels are at.

The major lifts are the foundation, then from there on all you have to do is hit the muscles from different angles and rep ranges. WITH INTENSITY.

Beast mode should definitely be activated during those crucial moments.

Natural vs unnatural

For people who choose to not use steroids/AAS, the gains will come differently and the training will be different as well. Just don’t expect to look big and shredded like the people in the magazines unless you’re willing to use the same chemicals they do.

A very famous strongman from the old days

Overall, I’d say that general population appreciates a natural physique in terms of aesthetics. There is more value to the strength because it is unassisted.

Eat clean, train hard, and sleep well.

Then do it consistently.

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