To accomplish anything worth accomplishing, you have got to have the right attitude

Back in college, I recall doing an internship at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Seattle headquarters and my mentor would often mention her coach. This coach, of course we’re not talking about luxury brands here (but that’s alright too), was delivering professional services to help with motivation and overall career success.


The many different faces of coaching

When I used to think about coaches, I would think about the middle age guy who had a son on the baseball team and was the person who took us through drills and practice. Now I realize that coaching is so much more than that. We have the opportunity to coach other people in all aspects of life.

You're about to get coached

You’re about to get coached

The practice of self-coaching and taking action today

Unhappiness and disappointment seems to have a way of creeping into our bodies… if we let it. At some point, maybe you realize that thinking about your problems isn’t worth the time when you could be doing something. You could be steaming some broccoli and even that is small step towards wellness.

Coach others by unlocking the power and confidence that resides within us all

It’s not about telling you what to do…  it is about bringing new perspective and making people excited about their potential. I realized that when you are coaching yourself, then you will be able to coach others. You will be able to coach upwards, to your clients, to your peers, and to your subordinates by listening and reflecting a side of this person that they have yet to realize.



What a gift it is to somebody when they feel that motivation deep inside, that they have the opportunity to make action, and that their new perspectives are the catalyst for success in any particular realm.

Your presence can be a gift to others

I acknowledge my own challenges. If I want to be accepted by others, then I should practice unconditional acceptance of others. To coach others, coach myself. To love others, to love myself. And so on…

The best coaches know themselves well. Their self-awareness is practiced, their philosophies tested, and they put in the work.

All great coaches started somewhere. If you want other people to be able to feel like they can be their best selves, then take a moment each day to coach yourself to be your best self.


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