The body image mindset

This is believing that your body was never meant to look like anyone but you. My body is my vessel and my food is my fuel. It is knowing that today you will never get back.

Focus on the core to get stronger everywhere else

Focus on the core to get stronger everywhere else

Coaching body image

How can you not feel proud of yourself after completing a HIIT workout at OTF… it is one of the best feelings. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment which is accompanied by the process of physical recovery post-workout. If you consume some protein then, you will do good for the body.

Orangetheory Fitness vs. Orangetheory Weight Loss

I am sure OTF has the widest appeal of HIIT training currently in Seattle. That’s why you will see so many more of them coming up throughout Washington. I love being the Head Trainer at Capitol Hill OTF in Seattle.

Our workouts have the potential to boost bone density, promote healthy blood sugar, support muscle tone, reduce fat cell size, and make you feel great at any age. Fitness is a key element of longevity and anti-aging. Being part of a healthy community is proven to improve quality of life at any stage of life.

Open invitation

You are invited to experience what we have going on at OTF in Seattle – Capitol Hill.

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