Next Level Challenge

We launched the Next Level Challenge to engage you first and foremost. I am spreading mindfulness about energy and life in people’s cells. A lot goes on during the intake, partake, and outtake of our digestive services.

Fresh Salmon

Healthy fats, proteins, and leafy stuff

Daily victories

A lot goes on inside the gut. Bring home nutritious food to reach your fitness goals. Save the savory, sweet, rich, intense and complex flavors for that time when you splurge at the awesome restaurant in Seattle (especially Capitol Hill).

Eat healthy food daily and then coming here isn't bad. It could be a quite good evening!

You’ve been eating healthy all week, so it could be quite a good evening!

When at home, it should be healthful eating in some way


When fat loss plateau’s, sometimes a person is depleted of various minerals or other essential nutrients. So nutrition’s complexity forces us to learn more about what we eat. Since food is your fuel in more ways than caloric burn, you can use it to your advantage by doing simple things like increasing fiber intake.

High intensity exercise has been proven to be anti-aging. That’s how you stay healthy by keeping your cells young. I seriously want to workout with everybody.

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