The balance between self-perception and reality.

I looked at the mirror today as I flexed, and I saw six individual-looking abdominal muscles. Of course, the Rectus Abdominus is a single muscle, but the six-pack appearance is widely desired.

My midsection is lean and muscular, but is it lean and muscular enough?

Acceptance of yourself now, while still seeking improvement.

My body is in the best shape that it has ever been, yet I still have goals of perfection.

I will never be self-deprecating in front of others when it comes to my body, because I have reached substantial physical achievement. Aside from my lean appearance, I have the actual functional strength to back it up. That’s f*cking awesome!

But I still want more…and that’s totally okay!

I just need to keep in mind that I accept myself as I am, no matter what. In fact, I’m proud of myself, no matter what.

And thats why it’s easy for me to stay lean and muscular in the first place.

You’ll never get confidence from your body alone. Self-esteem is such an internal concept that no matter how many times the opposite sex checks you out, you will only feel good about yourself if you care about yourself.

And if you care about yourself, then it’s easy to get in shape and stay healthy.

So spend some time appreciating your strengths today. Focus on your abilities, because I know you are unique and special in that way. Then add some extra abdominal exercises and eat an extra healthy meal. Slowly, you’ll build up to the ideal balance between reality and body image.

Once you get there, well…that’s the sweet spot.

And everyone else wishes they were there too.

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