It’s time to rethink your assumptions.

The most dangerous beliefs are those that slip through the radar.

A customer walked in today and wanted to see what options were available for weight loss. In fact, he wanted to lose his gut in 30 days for his upcoming trip to Europe.

We sell the typical fat burning pills, like Hydoxycut Hardcore, as well as healthier alternatives such as Green Tea pills and even better, Fiber pills (for regulating blood sugar).

His assumption was…”I just need to exercise more and I’ll lose the weight.”


Food and Nutrition are 90% of weight loss.

So I asked the guy about what he eats. To me, his response was clear evidence as to why he was overweight in the first place.

Not only did he eat poorly, but he ASSUMED that he was eating well.

Challenge your assumptions

Challenge your assumptions

I have cereal for breakfeast.” Great, so I educated him on how cereal still raises blood sugar levels — and that Oatmeal is a superior choice. His response, “Oh yea, its oatmeal — I mean the cereal is oat-based.” My friend, oat-based is NOT oatmeal.

For his lunch and dinner, he was reluctant to give me the details. I wanted to help, but I knew that there was little I could do for him today.

If you aren’t at the ideal weight, then you aren’t eating as well as you can.

It’s that simple. You can always eat better. Heck, even I can always eat better.

One day at a time, vegetables, fruits, protein, and when I screw up I don’t lie to myself. A lapse in healthy eating will happen here and there — I accept it and move on.

The lesson is this:

Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Some people utilize my knowledge and totally transform their bodies. But only because they are willing to accept the TRUTH.

And sometimes, the truth is the only way to success.

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  1. Amen brother!

    I’ve cut out all simple carbs (as much as possible) and am eating lots of complex carbs and protein. In just one week (with my usual vigorous exercise routine) I’ve noticed huge improvements in the ab area!

    Thanks for the awesome advice, and if people don’t heed it, they’re missing out…

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