We want injury prevention, superior balance, and a sexy butt.

I’m going to show you how, with three lower body exercises that help you develop functional strength with real life application.

The Exercises

1. Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Begin with bodyweight only (no added weight)
  • Stand up two feet in front of a bench
  • Bring one leg back, so that the top of your back foot is in contact with the bench
  • BEGIN MOVEMENT: Lower your butt back down towards the ground
  • FINISH MOVEMENT: Explode, utilizing glute muscles, back to starting position

2. Seated Calf Raise

  • Adjust machine to fit your body
  • BEGIN MOVEMENT: Lower weight for at least 3 seconds (focus on eccentric motion)
  • FINISH MOVEMENT: Explode, using as much power from your calves for maximum benefit.

3. Barbell Step Up

  • Use appropriate weight
  • Stand, with a bench two feet in front
  • BEGIN MOVEMENT: Lift primary leg and plant heel on the bench with force
  • Stand up on bench while squeezing glutes
  • FINISH MOVEMENT: Lower leg back to the ground, and STAY UNDER CONTROL (in order to absorb force properly).


  1. Increased balance
  2. More power
  3. Injury prevention
  4. Lower back health
  5. Physique development
  6. Fat burning

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