Skin Tags are benign skin growths that look like a piece of hanging skin.

As my customer handed me $40 cash at the register, I noticed his hands were plastered with little skin tags. Upon closer inspection of his face and his wife’s face, it became clear that the hands were not the only areas affected.

skintagsssSkin Tags resemble little moles hanging out from the surface and can occur in anybody. Typically, people get more skin tags as they age, but from talking to customers, it seems that the actual state of health will greatly affect the occurrence of skin tags.

Are skin tags an external “marker” for internal health?

Several months ago, a gentlemen visited the store looking for products to kill parasites and candida. Within the past year, he had been struck by a serious parasite and hospitalized. Doctors pumped him full of powerful drugs and antibacterials in an effort to destroy the parasites.

In only a few months, his weight exploded by 50 pounds and his health deteriorated. Interestingly, he also gained many dozens of skin tags over his face and body during this period. Could there be a link?

How do we prevent Skin Tags?

We know that people with Type II Diabetes are more at risk for acquiring Skin Tags, and we also believe that blood sugar levels relate to diabetes. So it seems that sugar is one of the main causes of skin conditions like acne and Skin Tags. The first step to preventing Skin Tags is cutting out sugar in the diet. You can do it!

Next, we need to improve the fatty acid balance in the body. In particular, decrease saturated fat from animal oils and increase unsaturated fat from fish oils. For example, replace fast food with a homemade meal of baked salmon with vegetables.

Aside from eating a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, the final ingredient in Skin Tag prevention should have to do with the balance of internal flora AKA Gut Health. According to the research, beneficial bacteria known as Probiotics improve both the immune system and digestion. Consuming fermented foods such as Yogurt, Kefir, and Kimchi can vastly improve the digestive and immune systems. If these foods are not available, then a Probiotic Supplement may help restore healthy internal flora.

All inclusive SuperFood formula with herbs, detox, probiotics, and more. A personal favorite!

All inclusive SuperFood formula with herbs, detox, probiotics, and more. A personal favorite!

Destroying current Skin Tags

The doctors would use nitrogen and chemicals to freeze those suckers off, but without improving diet, they will probably just come right back.

The first step is to fix your diet. Following a diet change, there are many suggested natural remedies for skin tags. Some people suggest using Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oil of Oregano, and other natural supplements. I have not tested these methods and cannot assure that they work, but I do believe in the healing powers of herbs so it may be possible.

Skin Tags are a vital signal.

If you start noticing more skin tags, consider how the rest of your body is doing. How is your digestion? Are you lacking energy? What is different now?

Realize that healthy nutrition is the only pathway to peak performance. Skin Tags may be your body telling you it’s time to get a tune up with healthy foods and natural remedies.


No skin tags baby! Let’s be real though, this is obviously photo shopped!


  1. Hello! I am so pleased to find your article! I have actually been following your skin tag prevention diet without knowing it would get rid of my skin tag! I only had one but it was very annoying since I have to shave near it and would constantly go over it accidently and it would of course just grow back. I have completely cut out sugar and since I started taking my probiotics and my gut repair supplements it has almost completely vanished! I wasn’t expecting this at all but I’m very pleased! Just wanted to reinforce that this program will work! I’ve had that skin tag since I was 12! 🙂 very happy!

    1. I also suffered with chronic dermatitis… Which I now know is directly related to gut health as is any skin condition! I over looked my skin tag in light of my rashy circumstances, thanks again for the post!

    2. Hi Liz, thanks for stopping by and sharing your success with us. It truly is a testament to understanding how health comes from the inside out. A healthy stomach and digestive system are key to skin health as well!

      People like Liz take matters into their own hands and get to experience how food makes an INCREDIBLE difference!

  2. I have cut dowm my sugar in take vastly and now will cut it out . I am Diabetic and wantt o see how this affects my numerous skin tags. I have many small ones on my neck area and appearing in various areas of my body ,and they itch as they start out . I will ingest more probiotic foods and supplements, I do feel tyhis is an over looked problem by the medical professional ,as they know nothing or little about it. The problem with yeast makes sense to me , not one Dr.ever said thing about yeast to me, I had to research and read it for myself. Thank you for a step in the right direction

    1. deLadyBex,

      I’m glad you found this useful. Most people experience some “sub-clinical” symptoms from a variety of causes. Unfortunately there is a void of knowledge when it comes to nutritional healing within the medical community.

      When I visited my doctor and mentioned candida, he made me feel patronized and offered little solutions for my symptoms. It wasn’t until I took more care of the foods I ingested that I experienced the benefits.

      I also suggest that you research pre-biotic foods/herbs which can promote beneficial bacteria. For example, bananas, avocados, and ginger root each support a good balance of gut biota.

  3. Hi na d thank you I do eat very well and except for occassional baked goods and sometimes a chio or two , So ia m very surprised at having and skin tags at all. I eat a lot of ruit anf vegatables. I must need more in my diet?
    Yes doctors do not have good nutritionla education unless they them selves take the nutrition courses in their schooling. And things chane and get more informative every year as I have read. Now I am wondering why if eating good .why snall tags are appearing anyway?

    1. I wouldn’t be able to know the exact cause of skin tag. Good nutrition and moderate exercise seem to help. Add fish oil supplements to support healthy skin. Use herbs like ginger, garlic, and turmeric to promote a healthy inflammation response.Consume quality proteins like fish, chicken, and eggs. Drink Kefir probiotic. Good luck!

  4. humm I do know soemtimes an herbal oil might take them off . But I do agree that the skin tags ansd Daibetes are related. and yes, if they are outside I bet they are inside too humm . Now hwo to eleininate them is not just sugar and carbs elimination I think the good diet is a big difference to get ris of them and then a beter intestinal flora too. I think in time they will go away with the better food we ingest, and then the glands and pancrease get a a release so they work better and then our skin can better elminante .

  5. I am covered in skin tags. I have been to the hospital, inquiring on them being removed. When I was in the military, they removed them with a laser. They did inform me that they would grow back. now they are beginning to cover my face again, and I hate it. I believe it has something to do with the stomach, because I suffer horrible with constipation, and yes, I do eat loads of sugar. I have decided today, that I was going to slowly change my diet to a more healthy one. I have already added more fruit and will be switching to veggies and getting rid of sugar completely if I can. It has been a real headache for me. Note: Doctors had no idea of what to do with my tags other than laser them off, which was good for a while, but once out of the military, they refuse to do it again.

  6. I have had skin tags before, while serving in the U.S.Navy. I was on the elevator scratching my face when the doctor notice my skin tags. this was in 1997. He told me to come to his office and he would laser them off, which he did. He did inform me that they would only grow back. Well, I didn’t have to look at skin tags for a long time. now in 2016, I see them coming back and covering my chest like little bumps. I am a veteran now and I went to the doctor to see if they would take them off again, and they informed me that it is a cosmetic surgery now and that I was no longer in the service, so they could no longer remove them. I am a 70 percent disable veteran, I think I should still be entitled. So now these things are growing back and they look horrible. I was saving money to move to another state, but now I have to use the money to remove the skin tags from my face neck and chest. That’s once I find a doctor to do it. I am willing to change my diet and eat more yogurt and healthy food if this will prevent the tags, because they are seriously hideous. First I am going to try a colon cleanse, then cut out the sugar products, because I am a sugar nut! I don’t want these things all over me, I hate the sight of them, so I am going to do what I can to prevent them from ever growing back again. Also while out to dinner, I went past a gentle who’s face was totally covered in skin tags. It was a really horrible sight. I don’t want that for me.

  7. I believe there is something going on with the body as well, the reason why this happens. I started growing little bumps around my ankles in the inside and when I went to the doctor, they had no idea of why, maybe these are the skin tags. I learned that sometimes, I have to get on the internet and find out things for myself. Like thyroid disorder. I had little or no energy. Could hardly get out of bed. My doctor had no idea of what to do. I went on like searching for vitamins for myself to give me energy, and guess what I found? vitamin B12. I have to take this vitamin every day or I can’t leave the house. When I told my doctor what I had discovered, he started making sure that I received them through prescription, a 100 mil each day. However, it stop working and I had to increase the dosage to 2000 mil a day. I am going to try the green vibrant to see if it will help not work for me and change my diet as well. I love sugar, so that is going to be a real hard one!

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