Frequently asked question by women who are new to dumbbells.

Iron dumbbells. Weight lifting is a powerful tool to sustain quality of life.

Oh Yes It Is

Research shows a plethora of benefits to weightlifting:

  • Elevate metabolism
  • Decrease body fat
  • Boost bone density
  • Great performance at the Thanksgiving family football game!

So lets get to it.

Wide-eyed and standing tall, Mary dropped the h-bomb.

“I don’t want to get huge!”

Look, Hunny. Most GUYS wish they had more muscle, but they don’t! It’s not because gaining muscle is at all easy.

A large Mens Magazine polled its male readers. When asked, “Do you want to have more muscle?”

…a whopping 78% said HECK yes to more muscle.

Interesting tidbit: Almost every guy has consumed a Muscle Milk ready-to-drink or known a guy who has consumed a Muscle Milk ready-to-drink.

Next time you walk down the street, would you notice if 78% of the men had large muscles?

Most guys can’t even get the muscle they want!

So understand this…

Testosterone is the hormone that creates masculine effects. Despite having golf ball sized testosterone producing objects, most guys simply don’t have they muscle they truly desire.

Women have a fraction of the testosterone that men have. That’s about 10 times more difficult to gain compared to the average male.

Weights are a top method to get and stay toned!

Extremely Unrealistic: Being a female bodybuilder

Very Realistic, with dedication: Promote healthy movement and get a female Personal Trainer’s body

So women, keep checking out men.

As long as 78% of men aren’t walking around with six pack abs, then you won’t get huge in the gym.

You might just get the body of your dreams…

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