Enzymes equal life.

These are the workers of the living world. They make movement, growth, thought, emotion, healing, disease, virus, life, sex, and everything else possible.

Lock and key theory of enzymes. Each enzyme can do this at a spectacular rate. For some, millions of times per hour!

Enzymes are workers, acting constantly as catalysts throughout the entire body. Enzymes cause important events to happen — each individual enzyme induces thousands of reactions per hour.

Pause for a second and flex your forearm.

Enzymes made that possible.

How fast he strokes, his enzymes work even faster.

As you can imagine, the quantity and quality of enzymes in your body is directly related to your current state of health and vitality.

Zero enzymes = death.

Supplemental enzymes Save You Energy.

The digestive process uses LOTS of energy so that you can have that energy.

It’s like the Greenpeace canvassers who go door to door asking you for money. Most of the money they raise goes towards their paycheck. Same thing in the body — most of the energy from food goes towards powering the digestive system.

"Hi, will you donate money so I can keep asking people to donate money, a small portion helps whales."

When you use supplemental enzymes, it therefore saves your body a significant amount of energy so that your body can focus on promoting vitality instead of living in a weakened state.

Basically, supplemental enzymes are FREE workers.

Overly Cooked and Processed food creates Disease in America

Processed foods are dangerous.

Future of America: This is why Junk-Food companies invest millions $ into insurance and "health-care" companies.

For example, Soda is highly processed, full of high fructose corn syrup, and completely lacking in enzymes. You feel a burst of energy from the carbohydrates that that your body is able to extract from the Soda, until 20 minutes later you feel down again.


One reason is because after 20 minutes, the undigested soda has gone through the digestive system too fast and inefficiently to even be utilized.

Why does my stomach bulge after eating this?

Undigested food becomes toxic to the body in multiple ways ways.

  • First, it can feed the harmful bacteria and yeast in your intestines which can create dysbiosis in the gut (unbalanced microbial environment), which is a huge cause of disease and yeast infections.
  • Second, undigested food in the bloodstream induces an immune response by your body. This takes more energy and resources that are not being spent on giving you vitality.
  • Since the energy cannot be readily used by the body, it is converted into triglycerides that flow freely in the bloodstream.
  • Excess triglycerides (fats) will clog veins and arteries, causing circulatory issues and even worse: cardiovascular disease!

Moreover, since processed food contains no actual enzymes, it requires your body to produce significant enzymes from its limited enzyme capacity. The more enzymes you use now, the less you have later. The less enzymes you have later, the quicker you age, and the more susceptible to pain, disease, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and so much more…

Eat only Raw Foods…in an ideal world.

Apples, oranges, broccoli, and all other fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and plants contain active enzymes. These enzymes aid in assimilation of the nutrients available.

If you had the time, energy, and ability to prepare raw foods like this...I might just marry you.

But Heat KILLS enzymes. Cooking at or above just 118 degrees Fahrenheit will deactivate and destroy the enzymes. You therefore lose nutrients and enzyme potential.

Cooked food often sucks more life from you than it actually gives you.

Raw foods save your body energy and promote HEALTH by…

  1. Providing you with enzymes to absorb nutrients
  2. Allow you to fully digest the food so that your body does not have to mount an immune response
  3. Beneficial phytochemicals from raw foods promote hormone balance, anti-cancer properties, and cellular rejuvenation.

But…eating raw foods 100% of the time is not realistic for most of us.

Supplemental Digestive Enzymes should be used with meals.

In order to fully assimilate nutrients and to promote vitality, Digestive Enzymes are one of the best supplements to make part of a healthy lifestyle.

Hire more workers, pay them nothing, and they'll still be happy to do their job!

Benefits of Digestive Enzyme supplements include:

  • Fully assimilate nutrients (for example: taking digestive enzymes with protein is proven to provide the body with significantly more life-building amino acids)
  • Reduce/Elimate…gas, bloating, acid reflux.
  • Support immune system by fully digesting food and not allowing rotten foot particles into bloodstream.
  • Ease the load on your natural enzyme storage.
  • Weight Management
  • Feeling good after meals.

Simply put, using digestive enzymes has been shown to improve quality of life in many different ways.

If you want to lose weight now, but your digestive system is broken, then you need extra help. People who are bloated do not lose fat. In fact, people who are bloated just feel bad about everything. Thats because the most essential process in the body (digestion) is not functioning properly.

Proper digestion is important for you AND your friends.

Gas is bad, if you release stinky bombs, you need digestive enzymes with those meals. Stink bombs mean you literally have rotten, toxic food in your system and your body hates you for it. (Your friends hate you for the stink bombs too).

One capsule with meals is all it takes.

Choose a quality brand, and take the enzyme with meals.

You will feel the difference. You will know the difference. You will LOVE the difference.

The best (and most expensive) digestive enzyme. If you are relatively healthy, you might not need such a powerful product.

Digestive enzymes can help you gain lean muscle, boost the immune system, and most of all IMPROVE Quality of Life.

Thats what I’m talkin’ about, baby!

Eat well.

And…my friends,

Live well.


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