How failure can equal your success.

A favorite presupposition of mine helps me cope with life and thrive in all respects.

It assumes that, “There is no failure, only feedback.”

Whether this is a true statement or not doesn’t really matter. The important aspect is that you gain valuable insight from every situation, even if it doesn’t seem to go in your favor.

In other words, you grow stronger at every corner because your thoughts become your best ally instead of your worst enemy.

Taking two steps forward and one step back is a means of sustainable progress.

Sustainable progress.

You continually move forward. You recognize that there will be drawbacks, and there will be barriers.

Taking one step back allows to you recognize that which you might not have seen before.

My favorite exercise could seriously injure me.

I want strength, I crave it.

My name translates to “man, warrior, strong.” Is this my destiny?

Okay, I’ll stop BS’ing. But the reality is that my passion is of movement. Being able to physically exert a force beyond what I previously thought possible.

I can’t always save face, I can’t always succeed in the ways I want.

But I know that each step back is an experience that can take me forward.

Forward…to a reality of everlasting growth and success.

At least, that is the goal.

And this is the progress.

Don’t beat yourself up when you eat too much junk. Understand the take home message, listen to your body, and move forward.

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