The healthiest foods are the hardiest foods.

Think back to your days in P.E. class. There was a team game, and each captain was picking teams.

Who got picked first?

It was usually the strongest, fastest, most agile, and most socially popular student.

He is resilient, he is an asset, and his power contributes to your wellbeing.

Partnerships with resilient forms of life makes you stronger as a person.

Every day, we have the choice of what things we want on our team. In fact, our team is responsible for our entire livelihood.

Food is probably the second most important aspect of our humanity — the first is our genetics. Our genes encode the information that controls how our bodies respond to the stressors of life.

Wild Cabbage

Resilient plants, like Cabbage and Kale, have the ability to protect our DNA from damage.

Cabbage can handle all sorts of weather

Of course, the resiliency of cabbage in the real world seems to be directly related to how resilient cabbage makes us.

Is it any wonder that cabbage is one of the most widely consumed vegetables on the entire planet? Humans have cultivated cabbage before history — Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and everyone else who values a healthy colon!

Lets pause and compare cabbage to a less resilient food.

While cabbage has a plethora of healing properties, other foods like fast-food hamburgers do more damage than good.


  • Contains significant vitamins
  • Contains significant minerals
  • Live enzymes when raw
  • High in antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals and oxidation
  • Phytonutrients such as indoles that have proven cancer-protection
  • High fiber for colon health

Fast Food Hamburger

If they don't eat grass, they need chemicals in their grains to grow big.

  • Insignificant vitamins
  • Some minerals, such as iron
  • High in saturated fat, very low in the good polyunsaturated fats
  • Cooked in oxidized oils, therefore produces free radicals that may cause DNA damage (unless you ate a big serving of cabbage!)
  • Low fiber
  • The bun is full of carbohydrates, which cause an insulin spike
  • Starchy carbs + unhealthy fat will produce an even greater insulin spike, blood sugar at dangerous levels.
  • Uses body’s limited storage of enzymes for digestion

Fast Food Hamburgers are WEAK!

The cows are loaded with drugs like antibiotics, otherwise they probably wouldn’t even survive.

I don’t want to eat a weak food. Resilience is key.

Cabbage is the cure.

….And so are broccoli and oranges, kale and tomatoes, beans and brown rice, avocado and spices, herbs and lovin‘.

Partner up with the good, the strong, and the healing.

It will make you feel good, strong, and healthy.

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