Physical fitness requires you to move.

You can work out, play sports, or any form of gyrating.

And doing it with friends is a great fitness activity for social bonding too.

My co-worker with a history in personal training asked me how often I go to the gym. The reality is that I’m only at the gym twice a week and that the majority of my fitness results come from eating well.

Focus 90% of your efforts on Nutrition for real Weight Loss

Cutting calories isn’t really the only answer.

Actually, caloric needs are different for everyone at any given moment. For example, after an intense workout, you may actually need 1,000 calories of pure nutrition. But before bed, you might only need 200 calories from lean proteins and greens.

The secret to eating healthy is to learn more about your food

Most people have no idea what their food is actually doing for them.

They don’t know the macro-nutrient ratios, vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient, or other micronutrient content in their foods.

It takes effort to learn this information, but it is freely available online and in other resources.

However, once you have a grasp on the truth behind your food, then eating healthy becomes easier.

You can mix and match superfoods to produce the ultimate in health, while still tasting delicious.

For example, my guacamole is an absolute powerhouse of nutrition

  • Avocado (healthy unsaturated fat, fiber, protein, fat-soluble vitamins, phytonutrients, and one of the body’s most preferred antioxidant called glutathione.)
  • Lemons (vitamin c, trace minerals, potassium, and pH balancing)
  • Onions (minerals, fiber, and the potent cancer-fighting bioflavanoid, quercetin)
  • Garlic (a pungent and delicious way to boost immunity)
  • Miso paste (live Probiotics to restore and maintain intestinal balance, healing properties)
  • Pico de Gallo (tomatoes containing the powerful phytonutrient called lycopene)
  • Sea salt (minerals)
  • Cayenne powder (phytonutrients and metabolism stimulator)
  • Olive oil (monounsaturated fat, and loaded with antioxidants)

In addition to those health properties, the guac is almost entirely made of Raw Foods. This is important because it preserves the enzymes and improves digestibility.

You can’t eat healthy if you don’t know what healthy is

If an obese person says, “I eat healthy” but they aren’t getting results, then they aren’t eating healthy.

Eating healthy means something different for everybody. Most people have underlying nutritional deficiencies that they are not even aware of.

It’s almost guaranteed that you have some sort of nutrient that is not at optimal levels. (could it be Selenium? Eat one brazil nut everyday)

You NEED to equip yourself with this information, otherwise you risk the standard American diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Food companies are trying to make a huge profit by processing foods and making it easier to consume. The danger becomes real every time a food leeches more from our vitality than it provides.

Focus on nutrients for Real Results

I challenge you to learn about nutrients and consider which foods you are not eating enough of.

Focus on eating whole foods that contain these nutrients. Do it for a month.

Then see how much better you feel, and how much leaner you are.

It’s all about the nutrition.

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