The Squat is a powerful tool to achieve the Physique of your Dreams

Of all exercises known to man, the Barbell Squat is royalty in the kingdom of lean physiques.

Utilizing the Squat in your exercise routine will help you develop pure fitness.

Top 5 Benefits of Squatting

1. The Squat will obliterate Fat from your body.

This exercise uses most of the muscles on your body in a full body movement. In order for your body to recover from a squatting routine, nutrients will be spent nurturing the muscle tissue while stripping body fat.

Physique by: Squats

2. Hormone boosts following the Squat

People who squat can enjoy the benefits of a surge of testosterone following a squat session. When it comes to burning fat, testosterone is your friend.

Boosted testosterone levels (even temporary) increases fat metabolism and protein synthesis simultaneously. This is the ultimate combination for becoming LEAN.

3. Core strength and six-pack abs development

In order to support the weight of the bar on your shoulders, all of the core muscles are taxed. You are likely to gain both strength and size from your six-pack abs muscles — this helps protect your back and makes a more visible six-pack abs look.

She Squats for no one but herself!!

4. Proper Quadricep, Glute, and Hamstring development.

The musculature of your legs become more defined and fill in. The curves and lines start to become all in the right places. You get a nice ass. You can pick up heavy stuff. Your lower back doesn’t ache. Everyone is jealous of your physically appealing legs.

5. Improved stability around the joints of the lower body

Believe it or not, squatting can actually improve the health of your knee and hip joints. While squatting may be contraindicated for certain populations, the benefits are vast for healthy people.

With proper form, the muscles surrounding the knee joint will strengthen and protect.

Cues for Squat Form:

  • Before descending, take in a deep breathe and maintain a TIGHT core.
  • Keep arch or straight lower back at all times.
  • Knees “track” in the direction of your feet. Do NOT bow knees inward (if this happens, lower the weight)
  • When descending, “break” from both the knees and hips simultaneously
  • Go as deep as you can while maintaining good form. Deeper squat = greater benefit.
  • Push through the heels when coming up.
  • Glutes should be the main muscle used — quads are secondary.

Go forth and SQUAT.

Squats help you gain muscle in all the right places.

For men and for women. A finely tuned squat is a sight to see — we must constantly achieve proper form.

The best squatters have some of the best physiques!

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