This is all around — carbs are everywhere.

You can find carbs at the store, at the restaurant, and at your friend’s house.

Low-carb diets are all the rage and many people attain fat loss. It is however, difficult to maintain after a couple months.

Equipping yourself with greater understanding of carbs has been known to make people delicious, interesting, and fit.

Carbs are a…

1. Great source of fast energy

When you need it, quick energy can be a vital power for life.

2. Carbs are best eaten for…

  • Breakfast
  • Within 0-two hours before physical activity
  • During physical activity
  • Right after physical activity

If you use it, you will burn it. Feel better, grow stronger simultaneously.

3. Post-workout carbs HIGHLY recommended for recovery

Do you want to feel better the next day after a hard workout?

You need carbs post-workout.

It boosts recovery, and gives you an opportunity to enjoy eating carbohydrate food — guilt free.

4. Complex carbs are more complete

Complex carbohydrates often come in foods that contain more nutrients. Molecules break down slower and the energy is released over a period of digestion.

This source of carbs gives you more leniency in energy consumption. In other words, even sedentary people lose weight through an educated selection of complex carbs.

5. What are the BEST carbs?

The BEST carbs are nutrient-dense. Lots of bang for the buck.

Fruit: Energy and live-giving nutrients

Vegetables: Disease protection, lean tissue, protecting cells.

Quinoa, brown rice, lentils etc.: Some foods are not good for certain individuals (such as Gluten). So discover the best foods for your body.

BONUS: Getting creative with Carbs

Fruit can be the guilt free carb source for delicious taste.

Healthnut with hands on the cookie jar.

Unleash the artist by painting a sunset of fresh fruits into a sweet salad delight.

Health and vigor upon you, my fruit eating friend.

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