Food is life.

Life is like energy, incorporating food.

My fellow reader. We are the energy from nourishment — the nutrients of life. But something is taking away from that.

Sick eggs.

Bad bacteria in food is a serious issue. Half a billion eggs — taken off the market due to health risks.

Beef has it too

Bacteria are simple living organisms — constantly recycling basic nutrients for higher life.

Think of the bad bacteria that steal nutrients from cells. The good guys help you when you help them.

For now, this is about avoiding the bad bacteria. Half a billion egg recalls and now big beef comes into question. What isn’t in doubt is the importance of prevention.

How cows get E. coli.

  1. Diet
  2. Lack of nutrition
  3. Unfavorable touch and/or abuse (handling conditions)
  4. Dangerously unhygienic habitat grow space

Coming to a plate near you…

How to Protect yourself from E. Coli and Salmonella in Beef and Eggs:

Since you have heard the news, you’re already in the game.

1. Consumer education

What are you actually eating?  Where does it come from?  When was it grown or created?

Know your food.

Feed 'em right, so they're like angels.

2. Choose healthy options

Building from the first step, seek the good stuff.

Intuitively, you probably already know what it is. Whole foods, fresh foods, and real foods.

3. Prepare food at home to avoid standard restaurant fare.

Sure, if you forget to pack a lunch one day a week, you can get some Mexican food that day.

But for the rest of the days, prepare food ahead of time and pack it for lunch.

Ice pack + lunchbox = meal on the go.

IronMan2 drinks his Greens

4. If in doubt, cook the life out of it.

It’s known that heat kills bacteria. For example, some egg companies pasteurize the product before sale. So the bacteria is pre-cooked — you know it is pasteurized by the marking on the egg.

When at home, you can cook meat and eggs to kill bacteria. But if you verify that your meat was from healthy animals, then you can even leave some raw in the middle.

5. Buy local organic

Aside from the nutritional benefits of well-treated cows, there are greater health benefits as well.

Healthy is something that contributes positively to behavior and self-thought. Even though each cow must be ended, the healthiest cows feed us mind-body-everything nourishment.

Go for the beef, and make it grass fed. Chew thoroughly for optimal digestion, and rock on.

Your GUT is the Last Stand against Bad Bacteria

Anything that cant survive in a certain place, won’t survive for long.

The healthy immune system promotes a digestive environment in which E. Coli and Salmonella do not survive.

Bad Digestion is a warning signal!

If you hear other people talk more about digestion, you aren’t alone.

It’s common for people to have horrible digestion from the highly processed diets found in America.

For most, the intestinal flora is out of balance.

Too much acid, not enough alkaline.

Eat more vegetables. Green is known as the color of peace and ecology. Make it green, keep it clean.

To clean up the gut, consume Probiotics

Probiotics are non-human cells that are beneficial to the system.

Probiotic foods prevent disease and promote healing.

The best probiotic foods have this in common:

  • it is abundant with beneficial living cells
  • promotes positive enzyme potential

These probiotic foods contain beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria. In the gut, lactic acid acts as an environmental regulator for other strains of other bacteria. Healthy bacteria that has been with you since birth will thrive in this environment.

For example, from Probiotic Kefir I can easily consume over a hundred billion bacteria from one large serving. Now, most, of this bacteria will continue traveling on through my system.

A serving of Kefir

One serving of Kefir can:

  1. Promote assimilation of nutrients
  2. Relax the central nervous system
  3. Reduce the ratio of harmful bacteria in your gut
  4. Provide all eight essential amino acids
  5. Good source of Tryptophan — precursor to serotonin and a good mood.
  6. Excellent source of calcium
  7. Contains some Vitamin-K (MK7) which promotes constructive metabolism of bone tissue.
  8. Regulate blood sugar levels (great for diabetic)
  9. Gives you energy
  10. Aid in the development of lean muscle tissue
  11. Boost the immune system against bacteria, virus, and more.
  12. Contribute active enzymes

When it comes down to it, this food changed my life. I don’t go more than a day or two without it.

Let food be the answer.

Mass produced food is one of the greatest causes of disease, but it is also one of the greatest causes of human life.

Without massive globalized agriculture, billions of people on this planet would not subsist. But we have to find a balance. Our food is our life — by choosing your food, you choose your life.

So you have two choices. Cook the life out of all of your food, OR… make probiotic food a priority.

This is the difference between less than potential versus wellbeing.

WARNING: Healthy food may produce long lasting results

You are the answer.

Eat with confidence, my friends.

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