Pay to get fat.

Being compelled by desire may be universal, but not everyone gets fat from it.


Here’s another way of looking at it.

Dollar Temptation.

Is it chocolate or maybe the buzz from a Fat Burger?

Images of food lust, which penetrate naked eyes, are broad-casted “To infinity … and beyond!”



Have you felt it?

Truth is value, it is beyond the way in which money circulates.

You are what you spend?

I purchased $9 of fresh juice today.

Today, I am Beet juice. I am Broccoli. And dammit, I am Kale.

I revel in this nutrient-rich elixir of potency.

Nutrientology, baby.

Nutrients empower to strengthen:

  • consume,
  • circulate,
  • integrate.

Make health a part of you.

Get passionate over nutrients. It’s the circulation that counts.

Money will always be in circulation, but only the heart can truly make a person happy.

Someone once said, nutrients is power.

Power, for me, is the personal will to accept ownership in any situation.

To get fit, you have to seek a little more power than before.

Nutrients allow the body to hear its true inner voice.

If your true voice is nutrient minded, your body will have no choice but to burn fat!

Consider your true values when money impacts results, and how you can realize greatness from those results.

Then keep up the good life, friend.

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