¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!” (in fake Mexican accent)

Alright I admit, that burrito-like chihuahua was onto something.

I used to Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

I wanted Taco Bell on school days, I wanted Taco Bell with friends, I even wanted Taco Bell at 1AM not even caring about rear ends.

The Taco Bell lawsuit makes us wonder…

What else is in your Meat, Taco Bell!?

The lawsuit claimed that only 33% of Taco Bell’s seasoned Beef was actually beef. However, Taco Bell responded officially with a higher number. In that statement, they listed their ingredients.

Yeah silly, Why Pay More!

The Taco Bell seasoned beef includes:

  • Beef,
  • water,
  • salt,
  • chili pepper, onion powder,  tomato powder,
  • sugar,
  • garlic powder,  cocoa powder,  natural flavor,
  • oats (gluten included),
  • starch,
  • sugar (listed twice in Taco Bell’s official statement),
  • yeast,
  • citric acid, and
  • other ingredients that contribute to the quality of our product

When taken in excess, the ingredients in bold contribute to significant immune imbalance in the body.

What do Consumers really Expect?

There is a method of tasting, smelling, and feeling the texture of meals that can assess both Micro-nutrient and Macro-nutrient types and ratios.

The first step always involves the senses.

A bright aroma of citrus makes freshness reign supreme.

Part of it involves knowing what you don’t know.

I say with confidence that American consumers are eaters of the blind persuasion. And I’m not to spare — I have shared my own moments of indulgence.

But I stay true to the real themes of life…

Nutrients, that is what Gives Life

The energy and depth to which we can excel in life is made possible by interacting with essence of whole foods and natural nutrition.

don’t tell anyone I paid $20 per pound on local grass fed beef.

Let me simplify;

  • Whole foods are that which Energize, Heal, and Strengthen. (everything)

You can’t beat nature. If you try, it will push back.

This is your colon on Taco Bell seasoned beef

Poor nutrition (fighting nature) pushes back in the form of disease, obesity, cancer and worse.

What is the real Secret of Health and Wellness?

My friend, you are.

You have the power. If we could mind-meld like Spock in the universe of discovery, you would feel my knowledge. But in the real world, you must seek it first.

This is the modern- day Mind Meld

Thats why you are the secret to Wellness.

If you dedicate 90% to natural whole foods, you will FEEL the power.

It could be in your hands…

Theres the power, but where’s your priorities?

Good luck on the journey, I already see you busting through barriers for which that which you must surpass.

If you learned one lesson today, it should be: Season your own dang Beef!

Best to all, and stay tuned for more.

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