How many Diets have you been on?

Go ahead. You can take a second to count now.

I’ll always remember my 8th grade crash diet that lasted for a week and ended with nearly a gallon of ice cream.

Help is on the way!


Diets can be sooo unsatisfying…

New research suggests that your expectations play a physiological role in the release of hunger-satiating hormones.

In other words, if you believe and expect that a meal will satisfy you, that meal will have a significantly greater chance of actually satisfying you — regardless of its content.

Food restriction is unnatural and psychologically taxing

Imagine yourself in the times before civilization — even before agriculture. Lets say you have been wandering the land for days without food and suddenly you stumble across an abundance of bright, firm, and deliciously sweet fruit.

You will indulge… as you should.

“If you try to serve that for dinner, I’m going to Andre’s instead!”

Food was never meant to be limited. In reality, our bodies are extremely powerful digestion machines. The fact that we can process “edible substances” such as candy, highly processed foods, and overly refined foods is remarkable in itself.

Maintaining healthy weight is all about your mindset of food.

I am highly active, but I never restrict myself.

Some people might think that because I opt-out of eating ice cream, that I am restricting food. This is not the case.

The reason I don’t eat ice cream is because I purposely save room for foods that are nutrient dense. If I ate ice-cream, I no longer would have an appetite for greens and veggies.

It’s an opportunity cost. By consuming high-sugar-substances, you literally LOSE the opportunity to consume healthful foods.

What kind of Loser do YOU want to be?

Live life with an Abundance Mindset

Some people talk about the Law of Attraction. Creating a reality for yourself which attracts an abundance of wealth, health, friends, and love. Whether or not this can apply to your life, the simple “Abundance Mindset” can seriously help you get weight loss results FAST.

Open your arms and accept the gift of abundance

It’s always about the Possibilities — never the restrictions.

If you laid out all the food that I consume in a day, it’s like a bountiful feast for medieval royalty! Shall you be a guest in my kingdom?

“I’ll drink to that!”

There are so many colors, textures, and pleasures attached to the food that I welcome into life.

For example, please visualize:

  • Organic Red bell peppers complimenting fresh Alaskan medium-rare broiled salmon over a bed of rainbow chard.
  • Avocado displaying it’s creamy green beauty with broccoli florets resembling mini trees of life.
  • The sweet pungency of a Walla Walla onion lightly fried over high-smoke-point tropical cooking oil adding a moist crunch for the sensation of a dinner guest.
  • Aromatic Chamomile/Ginger/Tulsi Tea steaming wonderfully on the side, acting as a digestive aid and healing beverage.

Forget the middle man.

You take responsibility for yourself. There’s no tricks, gimmicks, weight loss powders, pills, or laxatives that can save you from the inevitable adipose tissue.

Only realizing the limitless possibilities of food will allow you to obliterate that last bit of body fat on your lower stomach and thighs.

You’re nothing without a Taste for Improvement.

Similar to practicing your hobbies and advancing in your career, developing a palate for healthy foods can be achieved by discipline and persistence.

My “ah-hah” moment came when I realized that not only could I reduce body fat with natural foods, but that I would cure my ailments in ways the doctor’s never imagined.

Endless possibilities to Fuel your amazing body (you deserve it)

Now every single day is an experiment with fresh food combinations, fresh culinary herbs, and different preparation methods.

If all else fails, try eating half of a wild salmon every day and you may start seeing results immediately.

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Andre! Great post as always, but I think that doctor’s used to stand behind good foods as a way toward health – look at traditional medicine men, who used herbs like ginger or senna to help with digestion, or tumeric to help with inflammation. I think if we all went back to eating complete diets, the need for modern medicine is drastically reduced.

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