What are the Crossfit Games?

According to the source, “The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the fittest on Earth.”

Individuals and teams compete in six grueling workouts which will tax the athlete’s work capacity across broad time and domains.

Today, athletes from the Northwest states traveled to Puyallup, WA, for the regional qualifiers.

Each heat involves multiple exercises.

In order to maximize fitness, athletes must prepare for intense workouts.

The first Men’s heat, Workout #1. The run leader is fast, but will he have enough energy leftover?

This athlete was one of the slowest runners, but he makes up for it with impressive core and upper body strength.

Now he must Row for 1000 Meters.

Using a leg/hip thrust, this athlete utilizes momentum in order to perform more handstand push ups. It is acceptable form because he is still using significant energy and work capacity in his hips. As a result, he may have less energy remaining for the 1000 Meter row.

Some athletes stand out from the rest.

Here he is shown finishing first in his heat.

This guy finished strong in the Men’s Heat 1. Now how fast will he be able to recover from this? There’s still five workouts remaining up to Sunday.

After pumping out all his handstand pushups in a single set, this athlete took first place in the Men’s Individual Workout #1.

Best of the Best?

The top performers will go on to have an opportunity to compete against some of the fittest people on the planet. These people are some of the strongest, most physically fit people I have ever seen — and it is almost entirely a result of Crossfit training and human nutrition.

It’s easy to find inspiration from these athletes.

Men’s Individual Winner for Workout #1

They don’t make excuses.

It’s all about strength, endurance, and overall work capacity.

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