Does anyone use a Weight Vest?

Many individuals and organizations recognize the benefits of using a Weighted Vest.

  • Football teams
  • Fire Fighters

They have to be ready at any time.

  • Infantry
  • Basketball players
  • Olympic athletes
  • People seeking the best results in least time

The Benefits of Weighted Vests

All of the benefits derive from the fact that you are carrying an additional load, and therefore the body is stressed to adaptation.

1. Burn TONS of calories. FAT LOSS MANIA?

It increases metabolic rate both during and after activity. More importantly, you can burn tons of calories from FAT. If being lean and conditioned is your goal, a Vest will help.

2. Improved Core Strength

The core is more than a place where you find Six Pack abs. Actually, a strong core is necessary for the good kind of force and power in sport. Aside from that, core strength is related to the health of other joints in the body (in particular your lower back). Did I mention abs?

3. Enhanced Bone Density with Regular Use

This is exciting to me! The proof is out there — people who regularly engage in load bearing activities can make improvements in bone density. It’s important for people of all ages to promote a healthy skeletal system.

Using a Weighted Vest

Training with a weighted vest is all about your goals. For people in high level athletics, you should seek out resources beyond the scope of this blog. But for Fat Loss friends, read on.

My Weighted Vest Fat Loss Strategy

Goal: Increase overall physical condition and decrease body fat % in a sustainable way.


  1. Take a morning 2.5 mile walk at least three times a week.
  2. Empty stomach aka “fasted cardio” to maximize body fat as a source of metabolic energy.
  3. But I will consume an amino acid supplement (BCAA’s) in order to preserve lean mass.
  4. Stop by Starbucks to get caffeinated.
  5. Finish the 2.5 mile walk and consume morning breakfast before work.

Ready to roll!

  • A 270 lb man burns 350+ calories during this trip.
  • That is how much I weigh with the vest on.
  • With two months of usage, the vest alone could burn 3 lbs of body fat, not even considering nutrition.
  • If the Vest actually boosts metabolic rate beyond standard calculations, the fat loss should be greater.

This is an investment in pure conditioning.

Everything I do with the Vest will make me more efficient and powerful without it. This is taking it to the next level. Stay tuned for more…


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