Pre and Post-Workout nutrition enhances the effectiveness of your workouts

Let’s talk about some benefits of consuming some nutrition before the workout.

Do you want to reduce body fat and get lean? Use nutrient timing to enhance fat loss and get lean.

Carbs can be your friend, if you stay active

Carbs can be your friend, if you stay active

Pre-Workout Nutrition benefits

If you consume nutrition pre-workout, you may:

  • Fuel your workout, so you push harder and make progressions
  • Feel energized and improve recovery for afterwards
  • Preserve more lean tissue while eliminating fat

We can talk about the post-workout foods next.

Post-Workout Nutrition benefits

Consuming nutrition post-workout is very valuable for these reasons

  • Faster muscle recovery and potentially reduces soreness
  • Increases protein synthesis to protect muscle and burn fat
  • Helps with recovery of many systems in the body
  • Best time to consume nutrition is within 0 to 60 minutes of exercise

What should you eat pre/before and post/after a workout?

Most of the nutrition research and our experiences lead us to the same elements.

  1. Water
  2. Protein or amino acids
  3. Carbohydrates
Supplements can make it easy, especially if you aren't hungry after the workout

Supplements can make it easy, especially if you aren’t hungry after the workout

The protein is necessary for muscle recovery, even if your number 1 goal is to burn fat. The carbohydrates also improve muscle recovery by drawing more protein and refilling the stored muscular energy. If the calories are low enough, you will burn a lot of fat and be able to feel great after your workout.

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