Orangetheory Fitness in Seattle, Lower Queen Anne will soon open its doors to an expanding fitness community

Let’s just be straight up about this. People have waited a long time to begin working out and exercising at OTF in LQA. We began promoting the studio in late 2013 by going to all these different neighborhoods like Fremont, Downtown, and of course Lower Queen Anne. We wore the OrangeMan costume all around and spread awareness of our brand.


Despite the wait, Lower Queen Anne will open day one with several hundred members who will be actively booking and attending classes.

Our staff is excited to connect with new and existing members in Lower Queen Anne

Because of the heart rate system, motivational trainers and music, you will be guaranteed to improve your fitness within weeks. I’ve been actively taking OTF classes from my coaches and colleagues and definitely notice myself leaning out as a result of these classes. OTF is not for everybody, but it would suit fitness goals of about 90% of people whether you attend once, twice, or even four+ times per week.

Founding members and founding staff

We’ve been through many challenges in the process of launching this fitness product first to market in Seattle. As a result, our staff is not only extremely appreciative of the opportunity to have careers in our desired field, we also have used teamwork to keep moving forward. Not everyone was cut out for the journey.



Is it worth the value?

You may think I am biased being the Head Trainer at the Capitol Hill studio and perhaps I am. However, the fat loss results from OTF workouts are superior to the majority of personal training 1-on-1 sessions around the country. If you are a relatively healthy individual looking to improve muscle tone and burn fat, improve endurance and confidence, then you would end up saving hundreds of dollars per month by doing group workouts.


OrangeMan is taking over


Orangetheory is revolutionizing the fitness industry

There are brilliant minds all over the country looking to learn the lessons from OTF to create their own brands. Fitness trends will forever be evolving. For example, Jack LaLane is not immortal though his contributions to fitness have been immortalized. Orangetheory has taken it to the next level and is the best affordable group personal training anywhere around.

OTF has impacted my life

The most rewarding part of my job is being in daily contact with hundreds of people from Seattle who attend our fitness classes. I get to make connections with people coming from all industries — which is quite a pleasure in the booming economic climate of Seattle. At OTF, there is no such Seattle freeze. Maybe you won’t connect with me in a manner more than attending a fitness class, but you certainly will find people who’s presence inspires, motivates, and guides you to improving fitness and to maintain quality of life for years to come.


Fitness is anti-aging

Study after study reveals the plethora of mechanisms in which improving muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular health reduces the age of cells inside our bodies. That’s why Seattle is a beautiful place. We stay young by exposing ourselves to uncomfortable conditions such as intense exercise and cloudy weather (which probably protects our skin anyway). If we all focused more time (which is the greatest value) on improving fitness, then we will manifest health and fulfillment in other areas of life.

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