Let’s start with a brief overview and then we’ll dig deeper in the upcoming weeks and months.

When I was younger, I took a physical health class at a local college that changed my life. I learned about the basics of calories in vs calories out and then with the guidance of the instructor, I set physical goals for myself. I started out by walking a single mile in the neighborhood, over the next days, I would run the mile, then I would run/walk two miles and so on. At my peak, I could go out and run a half marathon anytime, no big deal — I slimmed down dramatically.

Over time, I’ve learned and come to appreciate so much more about food. I love food. Loving food is not an excuse to eat poorly! Take a quick look at my background over the last decade or so. We’ll be posting about more in depth topics soon (less about me, more about you).


2005: Calories in vs calories out, I reduced calories to lose weight. I went from about 200 pounds to 150 pounds of bodyweight in six months. I ate one meal a day and went on progressively longer runs, but I was young… so young and I wouldn’t recommend this.


This was after a year of running 20-40 miles per week. I reached a low of 145 pounds, but I wanted to be stronger.

2007-08: The need for protein and the idea of “muscle-toning” foods. I realized that as much as I love running, I felt that there was more to fitness that I was missing out on. I conquered my fear of being self-conscious in the weight room and trained my legs probably way harder than my upper body to be different from the rest of the guys. I made strength gains that for the most part have stayed with me, but university life was way less stressful than the real world.

2009: A transformative year of struggle for my health — first time TRULY experiencing the healing effects of nutrition. I healed myself in ways that traditional doctors could not: from the inside out, with holistic nutrition. Began incorporation of probiotic foods, studying alkaline/acid, managing inflammation through nutrition and herbs, etc.

2010: Realized the goal of nutrition has little to do with fat loss… rather good nutrition will help you burn fat as a side effect of high nutrient density and moderation of energy intake. Goal of good nutrition is to support the healthy normal function of all systems in the body.

2011: Discovery of what I believe to be the ultimate fat loss meal (don’t worry, I won’t keep it a secret!). I found that this meal also promotes healthy normal function of all systems in the body including the central nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system, detoxification system, etc. Muscle toning for sure.


Myself and a couple of my loyal clients at Oregon Athletic Clubs in Tacoma, WA. We gained a lot of strength during our time together!!

2012-2014: Just continuing to enhance my understanding of individual foods and thousands of hours reading articles, book, and scientific journals.

2015: I don’t want to share too much, but this was a hard year for me. Definitely too many alcohol-fueled late nights out and other recreational activities that made me temporary lose sight of my meaning and purpose in life. Became a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

2016: Removal of roadblocks, excuses, or activities that kept me up late at night. I 100% believe that getting a good night of rest is fundamental to the goal of nutrition. Poor sleep and stress are likely some of the biggest contributors to poor food choices and the accumulation of belly fat.


Quick Tip: Half of your plate should be vegetables!

2017-current: And here we are. I’ve realized that people like you can become inspired by me and that I have so much information that could change your life. As much as I love to consume information, I know that I need to create, produce, and engage on a larger scale than I’ve been doing in the past. I need to help you, or at least make the true effort so that we can meet in the middle!

What’s next for Dre Fitness.com?

First of, as a blogger, I ask that you use the comments section or message me in any way you prefer because I love when you stay engaged.

The mission of this blog is to publish valuable, accessible content about fitness and nutrition on a regular basis. 

While I believe in myself and in my knowledge, I also believe that we’re all on this path of understanding together. I don’t believe that nutritional is black and white, 1 or 0, rather that nutrition healing is a highly personal endeavor and we have to find what works for YOU.

Stay tuned for more…


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