Howe Street Stairs Fitness & Exercise Review: Seattle’s Longest Public Stairway For over a Hundred Years!

Howe Street Stairs are basically an outdoor recreation center in Seattle.

Featuring an elevation gain of 160 feet and consisting of 388 steps with 13 flights, this is Seattle’s longest staircase and it is beloved by residents.

You will breathe!

There are a lot of health benefits to stair training exercise. In fact, stair training is possibly better than running for strength and cardio. It also requires less impact and repetitive stress.

Benefits of Stair Training Exercise:

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In Response to Criticism of the Orangetheory Orange Bike Campaign

You may have driven, walked, or bused around Seattle and seen the orange bikes before

This campaign was not unique to Seattle as it has happened all over the country and even in Canada as well. Many communities would describe the orange bikes as nothing more than curious which is why the campaign continue to spur interest all over. Yet we heard from many people who were not too fond of the orange bikes.

Seen it


Orange bikes vs. launching your career

At the time, the orange bikes were just another bright orange marketing tool to get people asking about Orangetheory. The goal is that everybody knows about Orangetheory. More and more people in Seattle have learned about the benefits of Orangetheory and our awesome local team.

Fleet Feet Seattle Capitol Hill running store, so we did a run together and it was enjoyable

Fleet Feet Seattle Capitol Hill running store, so we did a run together and it was enjoyable

We had other tools as well. It’s not that I claim pride in the fact, but wearing orange spandex was quite a comfortable running suit in the fall and winter of the previous year. So anyway, we had many more tools than the Orange bikes, but it was the orange bikes that caused the most intense response.

The franchise felt like, and still does feel like a local team

We were all over Seattle on foot, bike, rower and orange wrapped Volkswagen. We were on the ground everyday before the studios even existed. There we were, forming our identity, finding out who had the character to add value under the toughest of circumstances. We were on the streets everyday. To us, the marketing campaign was about helping to launch our careers in our desired field in the most growing city in America.

Before we had a studio, we had OT Fit Club. We hit the pavement, and we persisted

Before we had a studio, we had OT Fit Club. We hit the pavement, and we persisted

I had just come from working at an athletic club in Tacoma, and instead of being in a cozy gym talking to all kinds of current guests and customers… now I was on the streets of Seattle wearing four layers on the bottom and adopting ear warmers in an effort to invite you to become a Founding Member of our first-to-market franchise.

We should honor everybody involved

I appreciate the criticism of the orange bike campaign as it helped me understand the raw passion and spirit of Seattle. We must fight for our cause. That’s something I always felt about being a man is having a cause and standing behind it no matter what. Apply passion to your vision and execute daily.

Because excitement about fitness is what I have for the world. This is how I connect with people and this is what draws me to go beyond barriers and explore the uncomfortable zones of life. My fitness takes me forward and I’m bringing as many of you along with me as I can.

Let's go

Let’s go

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