Maria stopped to ask me, not for directions, but whether walking can actually get her Fit.

Walk to fitness!

Walk to fitness!

Does your Body Move?


For the average person, walking will burn 200-300 calories per hour and guess where the energy comes from?

Glorious, glorious Fat reserves. Since the body moves at a slow enough rate while walking, it can utilize the fat stored on your body.

If you live in an Urban environment, you are probably already walking an hour a day — walking still gives you the benefits even if it’s spread out through the day.

How To Use Walking To Get FIT:

  • Embrace walking in everyday life. Park your car far away from your destination, take the stairs, and watch yourself become leaner.
  • People who are very out of shape can use walking as a progression in order to start more intense activity.
  • –> Walk 35 mins per day, 4x a week for two weeks. How do you feel now?
  • Go to the city, but bring your own food. Walk around the city all day, go shopping, see events, and bring a healthy snack with you so at the end of the day, you look even better!
  • Lose the car. Walking during the day ADDS UP. City dwellers burn an extra 300 calories per day just by walking. That means 1 pound of fat in 12 days. If you walk an hour a day, you burn 30 lbs of fat more per year than a sedentary suburbanite. Pretty girl in the city, walking everyday, no wonder, eh!

Yes, more intense activities will give you more bang-for-your-buck, but walking is unique.

Incorporate walking as part of a lifestyle and you can burn REAL calories without breaking a sweat.

Sweet deal, friend.

You’re looking better already.


  1. Andre,

    I can definitely relate to that. Regardless of where you are on the fitness path, you have always got to progress steadily.

    Not only is walking healthy, but you can save money too. For example, if you happen to live close to where you work, instead of driving you can walk or bike to work. This means you won’t have to spend money on gas. Conveniently at the same time you get to burn off some calories and get your body into better shape!


  2. I thought this said “get fit by wanking” it was really awkward after one month of non stop wanking to get fit, when i actually realised that it said walking…… I have awesome forearm strength now 🙂 and i will work on my left arm for the next month.

    i hope my comment was humorous to you and ur dead dad!

    your sincerely corpse patrol.

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