Have you ever noticed how some people are walking around with messed up posture all the time?

One of my customers came in to buy protein, and from the first glance, I knew from his posture that he spent way too much time bench pressing.

Since the body is a complex system, strength imbalances must be assessed and addressed. It’s the same thing for a vehicle — you wouldn’t drive your car if the wheels were turned in all different directions.

Here’s a video of two of the best exercises for strength, fat loss, mobility, and flexibility. This will help posture and support quality of life.

Overhead Squat

  • Shoulder flexibility
  • Upper back mobility
  • Hip mobility, strength
  • Promotes healthy posture
  • Core/Abdominal strength (help you get six-pack abs, or just just boost all your other exercises)
  • Glute activation
  • Quadricep warmup

Reverse Lunge

  • Due to position of bar, your are FORCED to have good form. No ifs, buts, or whatevers. You MUST have good form, or the bar will drop. This is good for teaching proper form.
  • Neutral spine — spine is safe from heavy compression since it is a unilateral (one leg at a time) movement.
  • Help you build Jessica Biel booty or the Butt of Adonis.
  • Nice for thighs, quadriceps
  • Burns fat, strengthens glutes, which prevents lower back injury as a result.

Putting it all together

On Leg day, you can do something like this…

1. Overhead Squat, 2 sets of 15 reps for warmup and mobility

2. Leg Press, 5 sets of 5 for strength

3. Reverse Lunge, 3 sets of 8 for glute strength.

4. Seated Calf Raise, 5 sets of 6

5. Standing Calf Raise, 10 sets of 10


  • Protein Shake
  • Stretching
  • Myofascial release with foam roller OR massage.
  • Relax, reduce stress.
  • Eat solid meal with plenty of carbs+protein within 1 hour of exercise.

FOR FAT LOSS: Eat 2,000 calories per day (women), 2,300 calories per day (men)

FOR MUSCLE GROWTH: Eat 2,700+ calories per day.

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