Computer Use with Keyboard linked to Upper Back Tightness

Nagging pain, damn you facebook!

I’m not your mother, I won’t nag you about posture.

Have you felt that nagging pain behind your neck — it makes me wish I had a Massage Therapist on hand 24/7! What can we do about that TIGHT upper back, that STIFF neck, and those ACHING shoulders?

Fortunately, the Danes have come up with fix for that upper back pain in office workers (or chronic facebookers)!

According to the National Research Center for the Work Environment in Denmark, the following exercises have shown improvement in office workers who spend long hours in front of a computer.

The Danish Rehab Solution for Upper Back and Neck Stiffness

1. Shrugs

Shrugs: 12 Reps, start with 20 Pounds

Shrugs: 12 Reps, start with 30 Pounds

2. One Arm Dumbell Rows

Single Arm Rows: 20 Pounds for 12 Reps

3. Reverse Flies

Reverse Flies: 5 Pounds for 12 Reps

4. Shoulder Abduction (a.k.a lateral raises)

Lateral Raises: 7.5 Pounds for 12 Reps

How does your upper back feel now??

Participants in the study reported 50% reduction in pain!

How do you compare?

For more, visit the National Research Center for the Work Environment.

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