As a role model for millions, Kim’s NEW body another loss for women’s body image in America.

The OLD Curvy Kim

Kim Kardashian is a household name — you’ve seen her laugh, cry, act snotty, and entertain us with her lifestyle of luxury. As a spokesman for the male species, I was first introduced to her not from the front — but from the behind: you know what I’m talking about.

For a long time, Kim has been a champion of curves,bootylicious babe, and a beauty icon with thighs thicker than a Thanksgiving turkey. All the while, she was damn proud of it too!

But woe is me — the powerful world of media and money have penetrated another celebrity’s soul — and as a result, it is another loss for women everywhere.

Quick Trim (TM) sponsored by Kim Kardashian is NOT the root of all evil.

I do not feel that Fat Burning diet pills are the root of all evil — but merely a symptom of society’s failure to prioritize the healing power of whole foods.

For those that don’t know, Quick Trim sells four products to young women:

The Quick Trim (TM) line

  1. Celluslim: “Body Sculpting Gel” to help you reduce visibility of cellulite.
  2. Fast Cleanse: “48 hour super diet” which is a fruit juice/fiber mixture.
  3. Extreme Burn: “Burn 8,000 more calories per month” with this caffeine pill.
  4. Burn and Cleanse: “Burn Calories All Day, Detox at Night!” which is caffeine + antioxidants + herbs.

The Problem

On her blog, Kim says, “When there are products available like Quick Trim, it’s so much easier to lose the extra pounds you’ve been dying to get rid of!”

The NEW (way too slim) Quick Trim (TM) Kim!

Picture it...a thousand young girls who could otherwise save their money for financial security and natural foods — instead being seduced by quick fixes, sponsored by beauty idol Kim Kardashian.

I congratulate Kim on her crazy abs, but seek to emphasize the power of good eating.

My vision is to revolutionize how society views weight loss. We must avoid placing value on the lifestyles that make us feel envy.

In realizing the vision of physical and emotional harmony, we should focus our energy on the whole foods for which they can endow both man and women with almost certain vitality.

Food comes first.

The better you eat, the better you feel — leanness occurs naturally from intelligent eating.

Besides, no one really knows whether or not Kim Kardashian is actually a happy person.


    1. If people buy the product because of me, thats their choice. I make no profit from this blog post and am affiliated with Quick Trim in no way whatsoever. Make your own choice.

      For me, I live a healthy lifestyle and encourage those who are interested to enjoy holistic health the way I do.

  1. I like her with both shapes although I wish she would wear less make-up. Whatever makes her happy I guess.

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