A lot of guys want muscle, so whats the problem?

The tall skinny guys are a common customer in my store. They are very lean, but have trouble holding on to weight.

“Oh, that product called Serious Mass looks good!” exclaims my latest customer in the protein section.


The Magic Weight Gain supplement?

I agree, “Yeah, Serious Mass is loaded with carbohydrates and some protein to get those extra calories. By the way, what did you have for breakfeast today?”

Customer: “Breakfeast? I don’t have time for break feast, nobody does.” Really, nobody?

Skipping break feast is the number one mistake in the Gospel of Muscle.

I respond, “Perhaps, except for the most muscular guy you know. I don’t even need to know him personally to guarantee that he eats break feast every day.” Everyone with an impressive physique knows that break feast can make or break their entire progress for that day.

Yet, I change the topic back to the product at hand and I keep the customer happy by validating his choice to purchase the Serious Mass weight gainer product.

This break feast battle is a personal fight, but in my own personal warfare — my body and mind have reached a peaceful treaty: I agree to eat break feast every day, so long as it tastes great and makes me feel fantastic!

Break feast is like a paycheck for the body, skipping break feast equals debt.

Regardless if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, eating break feast is more important than nearly any other health habit.

  • Feeds your body with energy for the day, which it will readily use.
  • Promotes metabolism and healthy appetite.
  • People who eat break feast typically eat less in the evening. (and have less body fat as a result)
  • Makes you feel good and regulates energy levels.
  • Puts your body into a positive balance — therefore you are more likely to burn fat and build lean tissue.

Stay tuned for quick, easy, and healthy break feast ideas.


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  1. SO TRUE! I eat breakfast EVERY DAY! But before I even put one bite of food in my mouth, I drink a huge 16 oz. glass of ice cold water to jump start my digestive system and to avoid dehydration. People have always asked me, “Drew, how’d you get so big?” Well, looking at my siblings, it ain’t natural – they are all much skinnier than I. The answer: eating breakfast in the morning and sweating it out 5 days a week in the gym.

    Excellent post, Andre! Keep it up!

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