Nutrients, you make me so.

If I were to compare life to having a vehicle, then a healthy vehicle will have battery power, gasoline, a competent driver, a reliable mechanic, and the blue avatar guy on my side.

In other words, nutrients are not just for energy. Nutrients are the power, but also the fuel, the nourishment, and support system for the entire body.

The key is Nutrient Density

$11 for healthy energy, nutrients, nice abs

The only reason healthy foods are “healthy” is because they contain a dense amount or variety of nutrients that can be used by the body in so many known and unknown ways.

Science is still behind when it comes to healthy eating — people ate healthier before modern scientific advances. We still don’t know exactly how many compounds in basic fruit and vegetables interact within the body. Nature got it right the first time.

Plan meals, make $$ MILLIONS $$!!!

Simple math here.

By not eating out constantly, I save $70 per week. That is about $3,300 per year. This $3,300 well invested in 2010 could triple by half a decade’s time. I’m no economist, but more value in my portfolio seems like a good thing.

But the real reason you make millions of dollars is that you save on medical costs down the line. While I am in no way qualified to make this statement: people who eat restaurant food every day are more likely to be struck by both chronic and acute disease. Medical bills can destroy families.

By eating healthy now, you save millions in medical costs and premiums.

Energized Fitness requires a variety of whole foods

Pears, grapefruits, peppers, lentils, onions, cabbage you name it. It was NEVER just about the calories. The value — the nutrient density — in food is far more important than the caloric amount.

Whole foods equal healthy metabolism. Period.

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